Generations after generations, evolutions and modernisation have been well-received by the human population. Many diseases and illnesses have been passed from one to another. More or less, those that have been given significant importance were diseases that affect a person’s physical attributes. But it rarely happens, especially in the past, to diseases that affect the human mind. When I say human mind, I’m referring to the mental health that gives a person the ability to think logically, act humanely, and feel the right emotion for a certain situation, a certain experience, and a certain act. Mental health, along with physical health, is an essential factor that we need to live the life given to us. There are countless reasons why it is important but here are the top three reasons I can provide.

Mental Health is Physical Health
The human body is composed of different systems – digestive, respiratory, reproductive, skeletal, cardiovascular, and more. But among these, there’s this one that is recognised as the “command centre” of the human body. And that’s none other than the nervous system. We all know how the nervous system functions and which organ is the “mind” of it all, right? Yes, the heart is what keeps a human body alive. It has a vital role in keeping us breathing and keeping the blood running. But how can one function well without a working brain? Yes, the human body has a lot of systems to take care of. As each of these systems is connected to each other. That’s why I say mental health is physical health. When one is so productive in the gym, working out consistently, the body figure is taken care of; the same should be done with our brain, our mind. The amount of attention or protection we give to our body should not only be given to one or two parts of our body but should be given to the entirety of it.

Mental Health Helps Build Connections
Having a great relationship with other people shows how a person is able to think accordingly in order to interact with others. Being socially adept may signify one’s mental capacity in the way that person is able to present himself or herself, and the way the person is able to react to a given situation. Building relationships with other people may have its negative side as well that can affect one’s mental health. Toxic relationships bring out people’s negative qualities that can cause trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression to name a few. That’s why it is important as well to know the right people to connect with. As I’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph, it’s all connected. When we have the right people surrounding us, our mind is at peace. When our mind is at peace, our connections with other people will definitely bring out the best in each of us helping us create this harmonious relationship.

Mental Health Makes Life Worth Living
If you have ever experienced or know someone who has experienced depression, or anxiety or maybe know someone who is narcissistic, or who has obsessive-compulsive disorder, you may realise how these illnesses affect how you live your life. Sometimes it gives a person satisfaction just by seeing how organised your things are, by drinking alcohol, by hurting someone or just by even killing one’s self. When we know someone who has suicidal thoughts, we say to them that they have to keep fighting. We suddenly realise how valuable our life is. Mental health is important in this aspect because it makes us appreciate life more. With the right support from our loved ones, a person will feel loved, and appreciated. Regardless if you’re the one suffering from a mental illness or not, you will realise how nice it would be to think of yourself and of others in a more respectful way. You will realise how kindness goes a long way. Each and every one of us, with the right support system, will be able to realise how life is worth living.

With the increasing number of people having mental health issues, may the stigma around it be removed and let us normalise the act of voicing our struggles brought by it and hoping there may be a better support system in each and every country across the globe.