Today is Western Australia Day! As we try to survive throughout the pandemic, we still try to push harder, earning income from our day-to-day jobs, or from our small businesses. Each of us can make a difference in someone’s life. And with that, I just want to share these three simple ways to support our local small businesses that are continuously contributing to the local economy.

 1. Join the Community

Whether you’re a food lover, a fitness enthusiast, an entrepreneur, or someone who loves arts and crafts, I highly suggest joining a community of people who share the same interest as you. It’s easy to find them now as most are on social media. Inside that community, you’ll be able to find people who offer services or products that can be of your interest. Go to your local farmers’ market to find quality products. You may even find some online farmers’ markets such as Giving Local. Have an online workout session with your friends led by some local fitness trainers. Having a community of people that supports each other not only promotes great camaraderie but also promotes income for everyone.

2. Be Kind and Patient

There will always be bad days. Each and every one of us experience it at some point. In these times of challenges, it wouldn’t hurt to be kind and patient to everyone. Your order got delayed. The food wasn’t good as you’d expected. The service was horrible. We all want to take our time and money’s worth. I’m not saying do not voice out your bad experience. But let’s add a bit of empathy on how to let them know of your bad experience. Try telling it to the person directly in a nice way. Or send them a DM. It might be hard to do while in that state, but I’m sure it’ll make a big impact on the business and you as a person.

3. Shout out & Review

Word of mouth is one the most effective way to promote a business. In our technology-advanced times where most people’s eyes are often glued to their mobile phones, it’s easy to take a photo of the food you ate and share it on social media. Tagging the account of the business you’ve just recently ordered from and post it as a story or make a short video of the food you just ate and mention the restaurant you ate at. Your family and friends may be able to see them and that would spark some interest in them. Likewise, leaving a review or feedback on the business’s social media accounts helps them know the satisfaction their customers get from the services and products they offer. These little things do make a big impact on them.

These are just some of the simple ways we can support our local businesses. In times of economic crisis happening around the world, helping to boost our local economy would bring such a great impact in order to survive. I hope this short list would give inspiration to you and I hope you can help me spread this awareness in our local communities.