I am no Libra, but I believe in the word ‘balance’. We all have heard about the term “balanced” diet. It is said that for a person to be healthy, he/she needs to follow the food pyramid with the right calorie intake depending on the person’s statistics. Some of us may have tried doing yoga as part of our daily work out which helps us build better balance. In gymnastics too. Actually, there are a lot of physical activities where we can apply balance as it’s considered as a key component of fitness. If a person has a good balance, it means that that person may have good coordination, stamina and core strength. These components are all correlated to each other. Same goes with a balanced diet. Someone who eats a balanced meal could get the right amount of nutrients needed to have good health. The correlation of the micronutrients and macronutrients is heavily influenced by how we balance that food we intake. Not only with food and fitness can we use the word balance. We can also apply it in our life.

I have spoken to a few health and wellness experts in my weekly IGTV Lives. And there were two people who voiced their ideas about the word “balance” and how it can be used to improve the quality of life. First, we have the owner of Equilibrium HQ, Kirsty Peebles, whom we’ve had our first IGTV Live with, said that ‘balance’ is not 50/50 and that “there’s no such thing as 50/50.” As the owner of a holistic wellness studio, her mission is to close the gap between mental and physical well-being. She loves helping people to find balance in their lives. But why did she say, “there’s no such thing as 50/50”? According to her, “there’s X’s and Y’s in life and sometimes things are going to require more attention than other parts of your life and that’s fine, and you have to be able to adapt accordingly.” She also mentioned that “you need to figure out what your personal values are so that you can start to live in accordance with them and everything starts to make a lot more sense. Things start to drop off and things start to gravitate towards you. Balance for me is just figuring out what my needs are at that point and honouring them.” For her, balance is not the ‘standard’ balance we know like, equal, even, fair. It’s about knowing what to prioritise first on things that you need without stressing yourself too much on too many things. We want to do a lot of things all at the same time to pursue our dreams, to have food on the table, or to just simply satisfy our needs AND wants. Little do we know that we are being succumbed to all the hustle and bustle trying to please ourselves with unnecessary things and even the people around us. With Kirsty’s idea in mind, we must assess ourselves of what our values are, our priorities at a certain point and focus on that. If your priority at this point is to start your own business and you do all the planning, the execution, the operation, and all. Everything was going smoothly then there came the point where exhaustion came in. You’ll tell yourself, “No, I need to do this. I have to do that. I don’t want to be behind. My priority is my business.” At this point, you have to stop. Assess yourself again. Remember, you’re not in point A anymore, you’re in point B now. And while in point B, you are feeling exhausted, drained. This time, you must assess yourself again. What’s your priority while in point B? It’s you, yourself. Yes, you have your business. You still have your business. Now, think of how you can reduce the exhaustion you’re feeling. Think of ways on how you’ll be able to deal with your priority in point B without sacrificing your priority in point A. This applies to other areas of your life such as your family, career, health, etc. We should be able to learn how to juggle ourselves from one hat to another with the right footing.  Another way of applying ‘balance’ in our life is this idea from Michelle who is a Master Kinesiologist and a Yoga teacher. 

According to her, we have to  “balance everything. Stay in the state of balance. Stay in the state of neutrality.” And that, “Everything’s supposed to be in a state of neutrality. It’s what we project on it, whether it’s something from the past or what we’re spending the future that makes it something better.”  There will always be a point or an event in our life that we will feel too sad and overly happy about something. Sometimes our expectations will cause these drastic changes in our mood. With Michelle’s idea, balancing your way of thinking and being able to accept things as they are will give us a better perspective in life. Feeding ourselves with the right mindset on how to deal with things, taking every high point and low point, and eventually setting ourselves in the middle in order for us to overcome any kind of stressful event. However, there is a possibility of finding this difficult to do especially due to a number of reasons like hormonal imbalance which affects the mental capacity of a person to act and feel in a neutral way. It affects everything. That’s why it is important to be aware in order for us to prevent ourselves from experiencing it and also, to be able to help others.  

No matter how we define the word balance and find its use, I believe that we should give high importance to it and apply it to our lifestyle to live a good quality life. We have to constantly assess ourselves and see if we’re still in parallel with our values, priorities, and mental and emotional capacities in order for us to live with a happy heart and a peaceful mind.