It’s summer time, and what would be greater than an al-fresco party with your family and friends. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday party, a wedding, or just having your mates around, the grazing table is becoming an inclusion that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also great to capture everyone’s taste buds. Common antipasti included on the grazing table are crackers, cheese, cold cuts, olives, and fruits. But this feasting table varies depending on the occasion. It can be full of sweets, savory finger foods, salads and vegetables, or even a mix of sweet and savory foods. It can be anything, you’re only limited by your imagination.

And to give you more options to add on your grazing table this summer or in the next event, we have listed some best healthy grazing table additions for you.



Microgreen Tacos

Since we’re talking about grazing tables wherein you can easily pick up your food and nibble, why not have some tacos with a nutritious twist. All you need are the traditional – beans, onions, cheese, jalapeños, tomatoes, and anything you like, then top it off with some microgreens. It’s not only rich in flavor, but also rich in nutrients.




Microgreen Lettuce Wraps

Go one step further and make those tacos even healthier! Let’s take out the taco shells and beans and replace them with lettuce and hummus. Add some olives and throw in some microgreens and you will have a simple crowd-pleaser.



Microgreen Toast Toppers

Toast is generally great for grazing tables but full-sized toast might be a bit big for the spread. You can customize them and make them as small as canapés. You might want to try cutting your favorite piece of bread into small squares, layering them with smoked salmon, mashed avocados and topping them with some greens. For grain-free alternatives, you can try the delicious breads from Primal Alternative such as the Fruit Toast with Goji Berries and Turmeric and Hemp Seed Bread.





Finger foods are nothing without some chips. And when we say chips, we mean healthy chips. This recipe is from Primal Alternative using their very own No Nut Hemp Wraps Packet Mix that is grain free, dairy free, egg free and nut free. Instead of using those chips that are full of additives, why not go the healthy route. Of course, let’s not forget the dip. For a Mediterranean flavor, you might want to try having the Olive Dukkah from Regan’s Ridge which they make but may not always be available. Check their website here for availability. Add the Olive Dukkah with some yogurt or keep it simple with olive oil, your guests will love it.



Berry Slice

Another popular recipe from Primal Alternative is their guilt-free Berry Slice. If you’d like to add something sweet for those who have a sweet tooth without feeling guilty of eating too much, you can try this scrumptious pancake “slice” that is made from Primal Alternative’s Low Carb Pancake and Waffle Mix. Add a cup of milk, some berries and sweeteners, slice it into small pieces and voila! Guilt-free sweet treats for your family and friends.



Photo by Audrey Mirabito

Edible Banana Granola Bowls

Here’s one more sweet recipe that you can add to your grazing table. I’m not referring to the traditional granola bowls that you can easily have at the market or cafe’s. This one’s literally GRANOLA BOWLS, the bowl you can eat. This will be great to have not only for kids but for adults as well. Loving Pantry recommends this recipe and it shows a creative way to enjoy your granolas. You can use regular granolas for it or you can use Loving Pantry’s Coco-Vanilla Bliss to match your summer theme.

Photo by Kelly / Life Made Sweeter


Deviled Eggs – 12 Ways

Who could forget one of the most popular hors d’oeuvre, the deviled egg. You may know the classic but Runnymede recommends having it in 12 ways. Wouldn’t it be more exciting to have a lot of options to choose from? Try making these deviled eggs by using pasture-raised eggs from Runnymede with their bright yolks and nutrients.




Coconut Bounty

Last but not the least, we have the Coconut Bounty which is an artisan chocolate from The Cheeky Project. Coconut is a tropical fruit. And since it’s summer, why not have it with people’s most favourite dessert – chocolate. This dark chocolate is made out of organic ingredients that will surely be a great addition to your grazing table. Coconut is a season fruit and may not be available but, check their website here: The Cheeky Project.



There you go. Enjoy your al fresco summer dining experience with these healthy additions to your grazing table.