Before launching Giving Greens, I briefly dabbled in producing microgreens as part of a not-for-profit endeavour called the Perth Urban Farming Project (PUFP). The aim was to utilise under-utilised urban spaces to grow food for those in need within the community.

During my time in the UK, I encountered many homeless individuals, highlighting the dire need for access to nutritious food. Witnessing their struggles inspired me to take action, leading to the inception of PUFP.

Establishing PUFP wasn’t without its challenges. Securing adequate space, quality materials, transportation, and building a network were essential but daunting tasks. Despite the hurdles, I persisted, eventually finding a property in Mundaring and collaborating with local charities to distribute the produce.

Recognition followed as PUFP became a finalist in the 2016 WA Young Achievers Awards for Environment & Sustainability. The project aimed not only to assist those in need but also to promote sustainable practices in urban settings amidst growing concerns about climate change.

Financial sustainability proved to be a significant obstacle for PUFP, highlighting the ongoing struggle faced by community initiatives. Similarly, Calan Horse Sanctuary‘s challenges resonated with me, illustrating the dual importance of labour and financial support in sustaining operations.

While Giving Greens operates as a business, my desire to resurrect PUFP remains strong. However, prioritising the company’s growth is paramount for now. Yet, my commitment to supporting those in need persists, and I remain hopeful for the future of PUFP, nurturing the seeds of change for a more sustainable tomorrow.