Ever wondered where you can find those Instagram-worthy restaurants that are all about those microgreens? Social media, especially Instagram, is massive these days, and with mobile phones sporting high-definition cameras, it’s easier than ever to capture those moments. People love snapping pics of themselves everywhere—travelling to iconic spots, dining at chic eateries, and even sweating it out at the gym for that #FitnessGoals post. Sharing beautiful photos of your food and the stylish restaurants you visit is a way of showing love to your local community. Here are some Aussie Instagrammable eateries that are all about those microgreens – let’s give them some love!

Seven Sins Perth Hills

Nestled atop the Roleystone Valley sits Seven Sins Perth Hills, an award-winning, family-owned gem. The restaurant boasts stunning views of the valley, perfect for catching a breathtaking sunset. With its wooden floors and expansive folding French windows, the interior exudes a warm, homely vibe. Dining here is an experience—it’s not just about the food but also about immersing yourself in the refreshing mountain air while savouring your meal.

Photo Credit: @sevensinsperthhills


For a new dining experience, head to Longview, located next to North Cottesloe Beach. Situated on Marine Parade, this restaurant offers unparalleled views of the beachfront. Opening early at 5:30 am (kiosk) on Mondays and Tuesdays, and from 6:30 am to 9 pm on other days, patrons can catch stunning sunrises and sunsets. The expansive glass windows flood the space with natural light, perfect for snapping selfies and food pics. With modern hanging lights and a plank wood ceiling, the interior exudes sophistication, offering a warm ambiance, especially at night.

Photo Credit: @longview_cottesloe

Mandoon Estate

A must-visit destination, Mandoon Estate offers an array of experiences, from fine dining to winery tours and weddings. Spread across a hundred acres, the estate features three dining venues: The Lawn, Homestead Brewery, and the Wild Swan. The Lawn offers a rustic outdoor dining experience, while Homestead Brewery provides a laid-back atmosphere paired with hearty meals and craft brews. Meanwhile, the Wild Swan boasts an elegant ambiance, with large paintings, cream-colored walls, and modern lighting—perfect for both food enthusiasts and photographers alike.

Photo Credit: @mandoonestate

Nic & Kolo

Venture into the urban scene and discover Nic & Kolo, a Gold Plate award-winning restaurant renowned for its contemporary design. With a sleek combination of grey, white, and wood tones, complemented by expansive glass walls, the interior is inviting and spacious. During the day, natural light floods the space, highlighting both the restaurant’s aesthetics and the delectable dishes. At night, the ambiance transforms into an elegant setting, enhancing the overall dining experience. Nic & Kolo is a must-visit for those craving delicious food in a chic environment.

Restaurant microgreens
Restaurant microgreens

Photo Credit: @nicandkolo

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