The Ultimate Marina Mindarie Experience: Food, Fun, and Scenic Views

Nothing tops a spot that has it all – food, accommodation, and entertainment. The Marina in Mindarie is a prime choice for those seeking a break from the city’s hustle. It’s an ideal venue for weddings, birthday celebrations, or corporate gatherings, offering a splendid atmosphere, friendly locals, and breathtaking views of the sea and marina. We’re proud to supply many of the restaurants here with our nutrient-rich microgreens. Here are three spots within The Marina Mindarie where you can enjoy our wholesome microgreens:


The Boat

Whether you’re out for an evening or just soaking up the company of friends and family by the water, The Boat is your go-to for relaxation with a cold beer or a glass of wine in hand. The menu spans traditional pub fare like burgers and grills, alongside salads, seafood platters, and more. This venue is also equipped to host your special events, ensuring a memorable atmosphere. Step into The Boat, and you’re sure to enjoy rocking the night away.


Indian Ocean Brewing Co.

For the best views of The Marina, Mindarie, the Indian Ocean Brewing Co. is unmatched. Home to award-winning craft beers, this spot is a paradise for beer enthusiasts. But it’s more than just a brewery; the food selection includes pizzas, grilled meats, and mains, often featuring a special Indian menu. Imagine savouring Beef Rogan Josh, Chicken Tikka Masala, or Cauliflower and Lentils Curry right beside the Indian Ocean. It’s an experience that combines exquisite flavours with an exceptional setting.


The Pavilion

Setting itself apart, The Pavilion is renowned as one of Perth’s premium waterfront venues for significant celebrations, from weddings to birthday parties. With views over turquoise waters, it offers not just a stunning location but also exceptional food and service, thanks to a world-class chef and expert team. The Pavilion’s social media photos alone show how many special moments have been made unforgettable through their professional touch.

Whether you’re dining out, celebrating a milestone, or just in need of a picturesque escape, The Marina Mindarie and its eateries offer a perfect blend of flavour, fun, and scenic beauty. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience these culinary highlights, each enhanced by our fresh, nutritious microgreens.