In this time and age, sustainability has been considered highly by many businesses due to the increasing number not only of competition among entrepreneurs but also the impact that each and every consumer product creates on the environment, and our society. And just how important is it to embrace sustainability in business? Let me give you some I can think of.

1. Creates a dome of protection for the environment.

Product manufacturing requires various resources which include those found in nature. We can say that our natural resources are slowly depleting with the climate change that we’re experiencing right now. The more we consume or use products that harm the environment, the more our natural resources get devalued. If companies factor in sustainability as one of their focuses, it allows them to create this dome of protection for the environment. It allows entrepreneurs to think of alternatives that won’t cause danger to the ecosystem – that even though natural resources are obviously essential for everything that we use and consume, we have this vision of creating a balance between meeting our daily needs and the environment’s needs as well.

2. Promotes social camaraderie.

Specifically, in the agriculture sector, sustainability has been a constant consideration. Like in Giving Greens, one of my pillars is called Tread Lightly (which talks about sustainability). My focus is not only to sell microgreens but also to create awareness about sustainable farming and living. Many people are doing this as well. Having a network of people with the same vision of nurturing the environment while doing business creates social camaraderie. People helping each other, supporting eco-friendly products, buying from farmers’ markets, creating a community pantry and the like to support people in need – these are just some of the various ways that social sustainability works.

3. Stimulates economic growth and stability.

Combining numbers 1 and 2 will eventually lead to our point number 3. Focusing on sustainability doesn’t provide immediate results in terms of economic growth and stability. Just like any other business, it takes time to create a good foundation and say that our efforts have paid off. But with consistency, it is feasible. As long as we’re able to protect and value the resources we have while meeting each and everyone’s demands to live a quality life, the economy will prosper which benefits us all and future generations.