Before diving into this post, I want to clarify that I’m not claiming any expertise in life transformation. I’m not a life coach, nor do I pretend to have everything perfectly sorted in my own life. My aim is simply to share my experiences and insights, hoping to offer a bit of value that might resonate with you in your own journey.

Let’s talk about positive change – that journey from where you currently are to where you’d prefer to be. It’s completely normal to aspire to be somewhere else, regardless of where you find yourself in life right now. And it’s not just about physical change; it encompasses behavioural and skill transformations too. Recognising a gap in our knowledge or skills presents an opportunity for growth.

I’m not suggesting that the desire for change stems from dissatisfaction with your current situation. Rather, it’s about the eagerness to improve, to become healthier and happier. You can be content and still yearn for something different, something more. And I believe that creating from a place of contentment is truly wonderful.

In my view, all change begins with awareness. Firstly, self-awareness: being conscious of your thoughts and feelings in response to your surroundings. If you find yourself constantly reacting to people and situations, allowing them to dictate your emotions and thoughts, then you’re not in control – you’re being controlled. Becoming aware of your environment’s impact on you, including people, places, and situations, and your reactions to them, is the first step towards change.

Acknowledging and taking responsibility for our feelings isn’t instinctual. It requires practice to not get caught up in the immediate reactions to someone’s words or actions. It’s even more challenging to confront years, even decades, of ingrained beliefs and face truths that have become integral parts of our identity.

Initially, recognising these ingrained beliefs can feel like a loss, as if the familiar truths you’ve held onto are merely a façade concealing your true self. There might be resistance at first, a preference for the known rather than facing the uncertainty of change. But once you see the reality, it’s difficult to ignore.

A quote by Jim Carrey often comes to mind: “Ultimately, we’re not the avatars we create. We’re not the pictures on the film stock. We are the light that shines through it. All else is just smoke and mirrors. Distracting, but not truly compelling.”

There’s another analogy I’ve come across. Picture a ball with countless tiny holes, each representing an experience, belief, or thought, with a light shining through. Many of us might think we are the ball – the sum of our thoughts and beliefs. But in reality, we are the light shining through those holes. We’re the essence within.

The first step towards change is becoming aware of your current reality and understanding that there might be more to life, that you might want something different, something better. Once you’re fully aware of where you stand, you can start envisioning where you want to be and plan your journey towards that destination. But more on that next time.