Valentine’s Day. The day when Aussies express their love by gifting chocolates, flowers, and more. Let’s shake things up and celebrate local love! Rather than sticking to tradition, let’s shine a light on our homegrown treasures.

Yes, you read it right. Let’s show some love to our local products! Our goal is to highlight and support amazing Australian brands. After almost two years of challenges, let’s appreciate the resilience of our community and their commitment to quality and sustainability.

Let’s begin with Bolt Coffee Roasters from Midland. Renowned for over five years, they boast the best coffee in town. Led by expert roaster Steve Lomax, their blends like Crack and Volcano offer a delightful coffee experience.

Now, let’s talk about Elia – Balms and Blends, an eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty brand. Founded by Mia and Jane, their products are ethical alternatives in a market marred by harmful chemicals.

Moving on to drinks, Kommunity Brew from Perth crafts healthy kombucha and probiotic water. Founded by Beau, Jarred, and Mason, their beverages are a guilt-free delight.

For health-conscious munchers, Loving Pantry offers handmade granola packed with wholesome goodness. Their Coco-Vanilla Bliss and Maple & Walnut flavors are a hit among health enthusiasts.

Primal Alternative, led by producers like Rosie, offers grain-free baked goods catering to various dietary needs. From Fat and Seedy Bread to Chocolate Chip Cookies, they’ve got you covered.

Indulge your sweet tooth with Cheeky Cacao chocolates. Founder Lee Ann’s commitment to organic, ethically sourced ingredients ensures guilt-free indulgence.

Now, down to the last two amazing local businesses. We have Regans Ridge and Runnymede Farm. These two businesses are separately owned by two friends of mine. I just decided to have them together as they produce their products right in their own backyard – I mean farm. Regans Ridge is a family-owned business that has a hectare of planted olive trees where they use the Sicilian method to produce their award-winning olive oils. The olives are cold-pressed and are carefully hand-sorted to ensure their highest quality. They even have their own irrigation system to make sure that the trees are well taken care of. If you will check them out on Instagram, you will see how their olives look so pristine, resulting from tender, loving, care. From their extra virgin olive oils to marinated olives to olive dukkha, every money spent will be all worth it.

And just like Regans Ridge, Runnymede Farm does the first-hand job in their property and produces one of the most sought after eggs by people who want to give their bodies the right kind of nutrients. Owning a number of animals like chickens and cows, they take pride in producing pasture-raised eggs and grass-fed beef. They let loose their hens and let them roam freely on their farm with the help of their cute Maremma dogs. It is found that eggs from hens that happily enjoys outdoor pastures have more omega-3 acids and vitamin D compared to those caged hens. Isn’t it like us, humans, that if we enjoy what we are doing and have that positive attitude in a happy environment, it makes us more productive? Right? Anyway, Runnymede eggs are definitely worth being included in your pantry.

Support local this Valentine’s Day and join us in building a resilient community centered on love and sustainability. Together, we can make a difference.