Spring has arrived Down Under! With the changing season comes longer days and warmer weather, bringing forth budding trees and blooming flowers. Many Aussies have been reaching out for advice on growing microgreens. While there are numerous methods out there, let’s delve into one crucial aspect: the growing medium.

Various mediums can be employed to cultivate microgreens. Here are three commonly used options:

  1. Coconut Coir: Derived from the husk of coconuts, coconut coir is lightweight, soilless, and perfect for beginners. Its excellent water retention sets it apart from alternatives like paper towels.
  2. Hemp Mats: Crafted from the durable fibres of the hemp plant, hemp mats are beginner-friendly and eco-friendly. They retain water akin to coconut coir and are biodegradable. Ensure they’re chemical-free, as some manufacturers incorporate harmful substances.
  3. Potting Mix: A versatile option, potting mix blends various materials such as coir, compost, sand, and vermiculite. It retains moisture well and boasts a coarse texture, promoting balanced airflow.

These mediums represent just a few options available for microgreens cultivation. Selecting the right medium for your crops demands patience and experimentation, considering factors like local humidity, sunlight exposure, and environmental conditions. Just as we experience the transition of seasons, nurturing and caring for microgreens requires attention and care, ultimately yielding fresh and nutritious greens.

Embrace the warmth of spring and embark on your microgreen journey with the tender care they deserve.