Many of you may be familiar with Yin and Yang – a symbol representing the interconnectedness of opposing forces in life. As we navigate through 2022, it feels like a year of yin and yang.

At the start of the year, I encountered challenges with my business, particularly with the loss of our Instagram account. Despite setbacks, I pivoted to focus on my second business, Giving Local, and eventually relaunched Giving Greens. It’s been a journey of highs and lows, but we’ve made progress, reaching over 300 organic followers.

On a personal note, my dog, Colby, has been a source of joy and reflection. Her companionship has taught me valuable lessons and brought light to my days.

While there have been successes in my business, there have also been challenges, like losing my driver early in the year. However, I’ve persevered, grateful for the support of new and returning customers.

Yet, amidst the successes, there have been struggles, both in business and personal life. Sharing these experiences openly has been cathartic, reminding me of the importance of resilience. I’ve shared this in my latest IGTV chat with Tina Dewberry (if you haven’t watched it yet, find it here) and also in one of my blogs here.

Despite the fluctuations of yin and yang, I remain grateful for the lessons learned and the blessings received. As we navigate through life’s challenges and joys, let’s strive for balance and appreciation for each moment. Remember to rest when needed, work hard when necessary, but above all, cherish the journey.