Spring is here! And as the season changes, the days get longer and the weather gets warmer. Trees are budding up, and the flowers are blooming. A lot of people have been reaching out to me asking for a share of knowledge on how to grow microgreens. For sure there are a number of ways out there. However, in this article, I’d like to share one of the important “ingredients” to grow microgreens – the medium. 

Several mediums can be used to grow microgreens, let me give you 3 of the most commonly used mediums out there.

1. Coconut Coir

As the name itself suggests, coconut coir comes from the coconut, specifically, it is from the coconut husk. It is lightweight, soilless, and is beginner-friendly. Its capacity to hold water well is an advantage over other mediums such as paper towels (yes, some use them too!).

2. Hemp Mats

Made from long fibres of the hemp plant, hemp mats are among the good options out there that are beginner-friendly as well. Hemp mats hold water as well as the coconut coir and are compostable. These are usually used by those microgreens farmers who offer kits to grow microgreens at home. Just make sure that they are chemical-free as there are some companies who produce mats that contain chemicals.

3. Potting Mix

Another great medium to grow microgreens is a potting mix. Depending on where you get yours, a potting mix can containa mixture of different growing materials such as coir, compost, sand, and vermiculite; it retains water well and has this coarse texture which helps create a balanced circulation of the air. 

These three are just some of the known mediums that can be used to grow microgreens. Choosing the right medium for your crops would help a lot and would require patience as you need to test them one by one (if you keep having issues). Factoring in the humidity of your place, the sunlight and the overall environment where you’ll grow your microgreens would require time and understanding in order to grow healthy, fresh and nutritious microgreens. Just like the changing of seasons, we felt the heat of the summer, the coldness of winter and now back to warmer days – it’s like we’ve been nurtured and planted to bloom this spring season. And like us, growing microgreens also need some tender, loving care.