Let’s be honest. We oftentimes tend to lose our habits over some excuses that we make and get back onto it at a given time. More often than not, there are some people that find it hard to get back on track and do the usual things they do in their lives.

According to britannica.com, “habit, in psychology, is any regularly repeated behaviour that requires little or no thought and is learned rather than innate. A habit – which can be part of any activity, ranging from eating and sleeping to thinking and reacting – is developed through reinforcement and repetition.” Don’t be confused. A habit and a routine are both different. Though they are both done regularly and repeatedly, habits are the actions that you do knowingly or unknowingly while routine is more of a set or course of habits that you do intentionally and repeatedly. With all of your daily activities, are they more of a habit or a routine?

Decades ago, there was this observation done by Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon, which he shared in his book entitled Psycho-Cybernetics. He said that it took a minimum of 21 days for his patients to get accustomed to their new face or new limbs. With this in mind, he has experienced it himself as well, observing how long it would take for him to adjust and create new habits which also took him about 21 days. Contrary to this belief, a study was published by a team of researchers being led by Dr. Phillippa Lally where they found out that it doesn’t take 21 days to form a habit but rather, it takes an average of 66 days. Considering these facts or myths, what is important is to start creating a habit. And that I mean, healthy habits. So, as we welcome the year 2022, these are some of the healthy habits we should focus on to live a healthy and happy life all year round.

Eat the Rainbow

Rainbow is nature’s one-of-a-kind artwork. So is our body. Our body is a one-of-a-kind-artwork that has a great capacity to learn and do things among all the living things on this planet. Metaphorically speaking, eating the rainbow means eating the right kind of foods that have every colour found in the rainbow. I know you all know what it means. It doesn’t involve M&Ms or Skittles. They are those colourful and nutritious vegetables and fruits that are readily available in your local farmers market. You might be thinking, “why local farmers market and not grocery stores?” Well, that’s because they have organic products which have less to no chemical inclusions. I’m not saying that you go vegan all the way, but just make it a habit to eat a healthy diet. We all have our own preferences and our body differs from one to another. We should eat according to what our body needs. Give it a bit of love, don’t ya?

Move Like Jagger

If you haven’t seen Mick Jagger’s dance moves whenever he’s on stage with his band, feeling their songs, rocking to the beat, you better check it out. I’m not saying you have to move literally like him or what, but just to have movement. Some people might have experienced being quarantined or maybe just staying at home for quite a while due to the situation the world has been experiencing for the past year or so, or maybe just living the same life over and over, no matter what situation you are in, you have to move. Your body needs to have the right amount of energy, the right amount of strength. You got to lift your butt up from that couch and start moving yourself. Run, walk, dance, swim, play sports. Even just standing while playing some music, let your body flow to its tune, make your own movement, your own choreography, your own workout. Feel the energy flow within you. As you move your body, your energy increases. The more energy you have, the more thankful your cells, your muscles, your joints, and your hormones are.

Connect and Disconnect

Life is short. Make the most out of it. Talk to your loved ones and some of your friends. Make connections with them, with nature, and with yourself. Disconnect from the toxicities of life. From time to time, disconnect from the world of social media, from technologies, and be one with yourself and with nature. Like I always say, my happy place is the beach. It gives me not only relaxation but also peace of mind and tranquility – to refresh myself and my mind. Read a book. Write a journal. Get a new hobby. Meditate. These things will help you to relieve your stress. Make sure to reach out to your loved ones too as we might not know when will be the last. Treasure the relationships that matter and throw away the bad ones.

Sleepless in Seattle

Not in Perth. People in Perth do sleep. Well, everyone does. Don’t mind the use of the movie title, please. But, having sleepless nights can really be exhausting. Without a good sleep, our body doesn’t have that energy to live the day without caffeine. And too much caffeine can lead to a number of things which includes sleep deprivation. And the cycle goes on. We don’t want that kind of routine. Make it a habit of getting enough sleep as that is the only time our body recharges itself. Make sure to avoid using gadgets with blue lights 1 hour before bedtime. Make yourself refreshed and comfortable while you prepare yourself to sleep. Dim the lights, tuck yourself in and think happy thoughts. Fly your way to dreamland as early as you can, because tomorrow is another battle for you to conquer.

The points I discussed here may be a bit general. Specific habits may depend on your preference but I hope that these points may be of help to guide you with your choices. The most important thing here is to prioritise your well-being when making decisions about your healthy habits for this year. It has to be doable, appropriate and balanced. With a combination of commitment, self-discipline and patience, having a routine of healthy habits will surely make you live a healthier, happier year this 2022.