Reactivate a Subscription

If you have cancelled your subscription and would like to reactivate it, please follow the steps below.

1. Login to your account and go to your Dashboard.

2. Click ‘Subscriptions’ on the left side and from there, you’ll see all of your current and previous subscriptions. Choose the subscription you’d like to reactivate by clicking ‘View’ on the right side.

3. Once you click ‘View’, it will route you to the summary page of that particular subscription. To reactivate it, click ‘Resubscribe’.

4. After clicking ‘Resubscribe’, it will then show you the checkout page (just like when you are ordering an item). Fill out the necessary information (if change is needed) and follow the prompt until you reach the Review and Payment page.

5. After you click on ‘Place Order’, you will see it as an ‘Active’ subscription in your records.

Failed Payments

If you have a recurring subscription or just a one-time order, it will still be recorded in your account page. Follow the steps here on how to update your payment method and make your payment successful.

1. On your Dashboard, click on ‘Orders’ found on the left side. Then look for the order with the Failed status and click ‘Pay’ under the Actions column on the right.

2. After that, you will be routed to the checkout page where you can update the information you would like to update. You can simply click ‘Review and Payment’ on the left side or click ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the page until it shows you the summary of your order and the payment information field.

3. Once everything is filled out, click on ‘Place Order’ and wait for the confirmation email.

Cancelling an Order/Subscription

1. Log in to your account. Then, you’ll see your profile dashboard.

2. Click on ‘Subscriptions’.

3. Scroll down to the middle part where you’ll see the ‘Related orders’ section. From there, the options ‘Pay’, ‘Cancel’, and ‘View’ are available on the right side. Click ‘Cancel’.

4. Once clicked, it will show a confirmation on the same page.

Renewing an Order

To renew an order/subscription, all you have to do is to click ‘Say Yes! To health. Order now!’ button found on the upper right hand corner of the page. You will see that button no matter which section you are in your account (i.e, Orders, My Subscriptions, et al.) From there, you can process an order again.

Update Card Details

1. From your Dashboard, choose ‘Payment Methods’ on the left hand side and click it.

2. It will show you your existing payment methods. Choose the card you’d like to update and click ‘Delete’ found on the right side.

  • Clicking ‘Edit’ will only allow you to change the nickname of the card. Once changed, click ‘Save’.

3. Once you have deleted your chosen card, a confirmation will appear. Then click ‘Add payment method’ to add your new card.

4. Enter the details of your new card and click ‘Add Payment Method”.