I was a qualified Personal Trainer probably about 15 years ago. Worked in a gym and was able to put myself out there assisting people to reach their fitness goals. One thing that I’ve learned during those years – obviously, I’ve learnt a lot from it – but, one thing that really piqued my interest in it and made me do it was how exercise really gives this amazing effect not only to our physicality but also as a whole. Learning from my previous trainers when I was doing a sales job (before being a trainer), the workout routines given to me, the lifestyle, etc… gave me this much productivity and a great effect on my work. I was getting the nutrition right and working out regularly. And it really did improve me and my sale! It felt good. And that was what drove me to become a PT. I want other people to feel what I feel when you’re eating the right food, doing the daily workout and all. I want to let them witness how exercise not only affects our physical body, and our mental capacity, but also our relationships. How so, you may ask. Here’s my take on how exercise helps relationships:

First, exercise helps us release happy hormones which are called endorphins. And when we’re feeling that euphoria or just simply not being too stressed, we feel alive. As if everything and everyone around us looks so good and it just feels right. When we’re happy with ourselves, we vibrate that positive aura to other people which in turn creates this harmony within us.

Second, working out in a gym or doing any fitness sessions allows us to meet a lot of people. Whether you’re with your friends or not, you and those people are in this bubble where like-minded people are gathered to reach a certain common goal and that is… to be healthy. And even though there would be times that interaction is limited, still you have this “invisible” relationship with them because you all have the same goal in which in turn, each and every one of you can be an inspiration to one another.

Lastly, exercise doesn’t only affect your relationship with others. It also affects your relationship with yourself. Yes, it does greatly affect the relationship you have with yourself. You see, when you exert an effort to get up in the morning, put on your workout clothes, workout either in a wide space inside your house or at your nearest fitness centre, pushing yourself for that much-needed stretch and cardio for an hour or two of your day, you are giving yourself that self-love. Imagine out of the daily work you have to earn an income for your meal, your house, your bills, etc, you get to allot an ample amount of time to take care of yourself – that means that you value yourself as well. You are in a healthy relationship with yourself. It’s like taking your dog out for a walk out in the sun, running on the beach sand, and so on. The only difference is it YOU you are taking care of. And I believe that this is the most important relationship of all.