I became a certified Personal Trainer around 15 years ago. I worked in a gym, helping people achieve their fitness goals. During those years, I learned a great deal, but one thing stood out: the transformative power of exercise. Before becoming a trainer, while working in sales, I absorbed knowledge from my own trainers. Their workout routines and lifestyle choices boosted my productivity and overall well-being. Proper nutrition and regular exercise significantly improved my performance. This experience motivated me to pursue a career as a PT. I wanted others to experience the positive impact of exercise on their physical and mental health, as well as their relationships.

Exercise triggers the release of endorphins, commonly known as happy hormones. When we experience this euphoria or reduced stress levels, we feel invigorated and alive. This positive energy radiates to others, fostering harmony and connection in relationships.

Engaging in gym workouts or fitness sessions provides opportunities to meet like-minded individuals. Whether exercising alone or with friends, everyone shares the common goal of improving their health. Despite limited interaction, this shared purpose creates an “invisible” bond, inspiring and motivating each other.

Furthermore, exercise influences our relationship with ourselves. By prioritising regular workouts, we demonstrate self-love and care. Whether it’s a morning workout at home or at the local fitness centre, dedicating time to exercise shows that we value our well-being. This self-care routine nurtures a healthy relationship with ourselves, akin to taking our beloved pet for a walk or a run on the beach. Indeed, investing in ourselves is the cornerstone of all relationships.