With Giving Greens’ mission of helping people to live a happy and healthy life, we have started reaching out to people who share the same mission and values as ours to have a chat on Instagram with our founder, James. To relentlessly create more awareness for people and expose them to different ways of thinking about their health and happiness, James started this project and is in it for the long run.

As a start, on the 30th of September, we have invited the lovely health and wellness enthusiast, Kirsty Peebles, who at a very young age owns her holistic wellness studio in Kalamunda, Equilibrium HQ. She focuses on closing the gap between mental and physical well-being, plus helping people to find balance in their lives. Get to know more of her through her conversation with James as he learns about her health and wellness journey.

Starting with the journey to where you are now as you enter the wellness studio, was health and wellness something that you were exposed to at home growing up?

No. Not at all. I love my parents dearly but they are not the definition of health and fitness. Which I think most of us can relate to. And to be honest, I have a really random story. I got into PT because I wanted to just do it as a job while I was at Uni and I was meant to actually study business. I was meant to do Commerce and major in human resources which never ended up happening. And then I started my PT business from my parents’ garage. I was 17 which I don’t know if everyone even knows that and it just kind of grew from there. And I was like “You know what? I actually hell love this! I’ll keep going.” And then I just developed this passion for it and then I kind of, I think as I got older it stopped being about all aesthetics and started being about mental health and actually started to look after yourself. Because I think James you would also know that if we’re not moving our bodies, our mind starts to do some pretty dangerous stuff as well.

Was there anyone in your life that I guess illuminated that path for you? Like you didn’t grow up with health and wellness being in the family so much but what happened that made you see things differently?

I was more involved in the fitness industry in the last few years that I really, truly realise how incredible, that circle of fit, healthy, vibrant, not even just like necessarily fit, but just vibrant people. How important that was. And I can’t say there was any key figure. I think it was more collective. It was like a collective of these people. There’s something about them – they are brighter and I think the same goes for us two as well. People become attracted to that. We just become magnetic people. The more you start to prioritise yourself and the more you start to prioritise everything that’s going on inside of you. So, I think it was just the collective. The collective of the fitness industry kind of helped me realise the potential that we had to help people.

Looking back, were there any kind of tools, habits or behaviours that you started to pick up that made a difference on the path to where you are now?

Yeah, absolutely. Habits would have been… and I dabbled between a few different things. I’m not the definition of always consistent routine kind of gal. I have to intuitively pick what I feel like doing, so sometimes that is journaling, sometimes that is meditation and it depends on the day. Although I enjoy the benefits of all of them, I think some of the standout habits for me definitely is meditation. The easiest way to get into that is to download a meditation app. I highly recommend investing in 10% Happier or Head Space and just start by checking in with your body and just actually realising that your breath affects so many different things. So that was definitely a tool and a habit. And journaling wasn’t something I got into until maybe the last few years. I just realised it gave me so much insight into my mind like we get so caught up in there and usually we can’t figure it out because there are too many narrators like we’re certified in saying if we went into our brain and had a conversation with someone. And I just found that I had to get it out on paper because I was like “Why can’t I figure this thing out? Or why do I think this?” And that was definitely a habit that changed my life. And then other tools would be just my local community and I say local, mean like Perth community. And having amazing people to continue to educate you, inspires me at that time. When I was 18 going to Green Goodness Co workshops, which was Rachel’s first business. And I remember, literally being like the youngest person in the room. Like wow, this is really cool.

What is your deep-down, that emotionally-stirring WHY?

I guess that kind of comes down to my purpose and it’s interesting you ask me that because this has been a massive self-reflection that I’ve been doing the last few days. Constant self-inquiry, constant self-assessment, constant self-reflection. But just the last few days, I realised how many things aligned with the word ‘balance’ for me. And I actually ended up changing my bio just the other day and I said ‘helping people trying to find a balance’, but just remember 50/50s BS and it’s so true. So I always and I do talk about this, where I’m like, you know there’s X and Y’s in life and sometimes things are gonna require more attention than other parts of your life and that’s fine, and you have to be able to adapt accordingly. And what I realised is like I just think even in Equilibrium, even from a business perspective, it comes down to having this alignment with my business values and my personal values. That’s why I love having a business. That’s why I love meeting people. It’s the connection, that freedom and just being able to thoroughly enjoy what I do. But then the other side of that is the Equilibrium is balanced. Nutritionist Elisa said to me the other day “Equilibrium was equilibrium before you knew it was equilibrium”. I kind of picked that name out. I went on thesaurus.com and googled the synonyms for balance. I was like “What do I wanna call this place?”. I don’t know what it is and the puzzles just come together. Then three months after I opened, one of my PT clients noticed that EQ is in my freaking number plate. It just brings me back to connection. I love the ability to connect other people and I love the ability to connect with people myself and not on a superficial level – on a deep level. It can be a little bit hard to do sometimes in classes and we try really hard to continue to facilitate that connection however, I thrive. If I’m in a one on one conversation with someone who is also passionate about whatever the hell they’re doing with their life, who they are like you – it just lights me up and I feel so good after. I feel so excited. So inspired. And so that’s definitely one of my biggest passions, purposes and why’s. And, as I said, Equilibrium is about balance and I said balance is BS. However, it’s just trying to figure out what that looks like for you. What does balance look like for an individual person? Figure that out and then just try and be better than yesterday.

So what does balance look like to you?

Being organised so I don’t lose my mind. As I said, one of my customer values is freedom and I really encourage anybody – you need to figure out what your personal values are so that you can start to live in accordance with them and everything starts to make a lot more sense. Things start to drop off and things start to gravitate towards you from that. So I think what it is like I said before, and I’m not just a little bit cliché, it’s figuring out what is requiring more of my attention at that time and then ordering my body and my life around that. So I would go through periods of hustle when I will go through periods where I retract inwards and I go through periods where I want to spend all my time with my partner and I wanna spend all my time with my friends. And so, I guess balance for me is just figuring out what my needs are at that point and honouring them.

What are some of the biggest hurdles that you have with your clients in helping them make transformations?

I think when you’re in a gym situation, having a higher-end service, people show up because they’re investing in themselves. And if you’re investing in yourself, you show up and what I find sometimes is we get too caught up in the busyness of life that it just becomes something we forget about. And that’s when we need it most. So I think the challenge and the hurdle are getting into their brains that this is when this routine and this workout and this studio is the most important for you. Because this is what is keeping that momentum going to get you onto the right track toward your goals. Then the other thing is definitely their nutrition. I think everyone gets way too confused about it and overwhelmed. I honestly think that everyone just overcomplicates food. And I’m like you just need to eat real food and you’ll be fine.

What does living a healthy, happy life mean to you?

I love that. OK, healthy, happy life. It is not just about what you’re putting in your body, it is also what is around you. And that means relationships. That means what you’re doing for work. That means what you are spending your spare time on. So, the connections need to be authentic, your work needs to be something that at least at half the time lights you up somewhere or another. Then, of course, that looks like moving my body in, however, that feels for me on that day and then what else makes me live a healthy, happy life. Just seeing pleasure in the little things that have been a massive thing for me at the moment. For example, coming into spring. I am just noticing how beautiful the flowers are and I said this to my friend the other day and he goes ‘They’ve always been there. You just haven’t seen them.” And I’m like (boom). So just enjoy the small pleasures of life. Yesterday morning I went for a walk and I picked this flower. Even though he was like ‘You’re killing it!’ I was like ‘It’s so pretty!’ I picked this flower and it was this beautiful yellow colour and then if you look at it for a second longer and it’s like 30 other little flowers in this one plant and I was like ‘Oh this is beautiful!’ So it’s really just seeing simple pleasures and making that lights you up because that’s the thing that will make your life so happy and so abundant all the time.

To watch the full chat with Kirsty, check out the video below.