Wonder where are those Instagrammable restaurants that are living our microgreens? Social media, specifically Instagram, is quite a big thing now and mobile phones are obviously evolving with high definition cameras. People are so into creating memories by taking pictures and videos of themselves doing stuff, travelling to iconic places, eating at nice restaurants and cafès, and even working out for their physical and mental health. Sharing great photos of the food you ate and the nicely designed restaurant you visited via social media is one of the ways people show support to their local community. Here are the Instagrammable restaurants that are loving our microgreens and let’s give them love shall we?

Seven Sins Perth Hills

Atop the Roleystone Valley is this award-winning family-owned restaurant named Seven Sins Perth Hills. The outside of the restaurant showcase the overlooking sight of the valley which gives an amazing view of the sunset and the nature surrounding the restaurant gives a refreshing feeling not only to the eyes but to the mind. The restaurant’s interior provides a homey ambience with its wooden floor and wide, folding french windows that gives you a great view of the valley. The sunset view here is one for the books. One would definitely have an amazing dining experience here as you will get to breathe the fresh air from the mountains while munching on your meal.

Photo Credit: @sevensinsperthhills


The newest restaurant we cater to is this restaurant located right next to the North Cottesloe beach. The Longview restaurant in Marine Parade, Cottesloe just exquisitely showcases the beautiful scenery of the beach right across from it. They are open from 5:30 am (kiosk) on Mondays and Tuesdays and from 6:30 am to 9 pm (Wednesdays to Sundays) which allows people to see the beautiful sunrise and sunset. The vast glass windows make the natural light brighten up the whole place which will help people take selfies and food photography much easier. The interior is sophisticated with the use of modern hanging lights that accentuate the bar area. The plank wood ceiling on the dining area gives a 3-dimensional feel to it. The lights give the space a warm and soft vibe to it, especially at night. Check them out to see for yourself.

Photo Credit: @longview_cottesloe

Mandoon Estate

Now, who wouldn’t know this vast land where people can enjoy good food and a good stay-in experience. Mandoon Estate is a known place where various things can be experienced – from dining to a staycation, from a winery to a wedding event. This hundred-acre estate offers three venues for dining customers – The Lawn, the Homestead Brewery and the Wild Swan. The Lawn, as the word itself, is where people can be one with nature as they eat outside at the table or on a picnic rug. At Homestead Brewery, it’s more of a laid-back restaurant where they offer hearty meals that are matched with their best brews. Its interior has more of a rustic feel to it yet has a modern look as well. Lastly, the Wild Swan on the hand gives off this elegant vibe that makes the dining experience more sophisticated. Its interior has large paintings with chromatic colours to it, white linens on the table, cream-coloured walls paints, and modern lights. This place is surely a haven for not only food enthusiasts but also photographers.

Photo Credit: @mandoonestate

Nic & Kolo

Let’s go to the urban area now. This restaurant wouldn’t receive the Gold Plate award for nothing. Talking about Instagrammable restaurants, Nic and Kolo will surely satisfy not only your taste buds but also your eyes as its contemporary interior design just gives off this sophisticated and fresh ambience. Its combined colours of grey, white and wood colours plus the wide glass walls make the place inviting and spacious. When the sun’s out, the natural light brightens up the restaurant making it easy for people to appreciate the aesthetics of not only the place itself but also the food they’re eating. At night, it creates this elegant looking space that accentuates the aesthetics of the restaurant. This place is worth a visit for everyone who wants good food with a good ambience.

Restaurant microgreens
Restaurant microgreens

Photo Credit: @nicandkolo

There you go! If you ever get the chance to visit these amazing restaurants and have microgreens on your meals, please do tag us @givinggreensaus or use these hashtags #givinggreensaus #freshmicrogreensperth #givinglocal. Let’s spread the love for our local businesses.