Celinda Belle

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a chocolate lover, beach bum, booty and back pain specialist, or more formally, Manager for Anytime Fitness Beldon and a Fitness, Pilates & Nutrition Coach and owner of Fit Booty Body.

Why do you do what you do? What is the difference you hope to people’s lives?

I do what I do because I know first hand how it changes your life for the best! I suffered a lot with back/knee pains and low confidence growing up. Exercise grew my confidence, strength and gave me the tools to transform which I’ve been able to share with the community so that others could see that change is possible when guided in the right direction.

Have you always been health conscious? If yes, where do you think it came from? If not, what did your life look like before and what did the turning point look like?

I became health concious in my teens and the motivation came from my failures. I knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be, I was embarrassed and I had a lot of negativity around me, telling me I wouldn’t succeed in any area of fitness or my life. I used the negative energy to fuel my passion for fitness and turn my life in a positive direction.

What does living a healthy and happy life mean to you?

Living a healthy life to me means being able to have the energy to move your body freely without pain, being able to wake up in the morning and feel good inside and out, being able to go out for dinner without feeling guilty because you know you fuel your body well and stay in balance, and most importantly having confidence, love and respect for your body.

What did you enjoy the most about the microgreens? And your favourite way of using them?

I love how you can use them to pretty up a recipe super easily while adding nutrients. Ex sprinkling them on a salad, pasta or as a side for a main course. I also love how you don’t need a lot of them since there very nutrient dense compared to other types of veggies that would require a bigger serving to get the same benefit. This is also important and beneficial for a lot of people who struggle with digestive disorders or don’t tolerate high fibre diets well. A sprinkle of microgreens goes a long way!

What is your favourite quote? And why?

“It doesn’t get easier, you get better!” – I love this quote because it motivates us to keep going and it is so uplifting! Sometimes a client will tell me ‘you make that look easy’ as they struggle to do a specific exercise. I tell them how it was hard for me at first though. But I got better because I kept at. So keep going, because you get better!