Tamara Brown

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Tamara Brown, creator of The Raw Food Girl. I’m a food coach and (almost!) a certified nutritionist, and have been working in the wellness industry for over 8 years. I’ve been on a journey of healing, sharing that with people along the way. I run several wellness programs, facilitate real food workshops, create whole food recipes and do one on one coaching around food principles.

Why do you do what you do? What is the difference you hope to people’s lives?

I do what I do because I’m so passionate about teaching people how to improve their lives through good nutrition and implementing daily rituals around wellness. I get so excited about this, because I first learnt how to heal myself. 8 years ago I was a very exhausted, super overwhelmed mother of 3, just trying to get through each day. Educating myself and learning how to eat has helped me to heal an irritable (and bloated) gut, chronic allergies like sinusitis and hayfever, and restored my energy levels. Anyone can do it – you just need some basic tools on how!

Have you always been health conscious? If yes, where do you think it came from? If not, what did your life look like before and what did the turning point look like?

Health conscious yes, but that meant choosing the low fat yoghurt and Diet Coke! I had no idea about whole foods, raw foods or how foods made me feel. My diet previously looked like a lot of processed foods, like bread and cereal, and loads of dairy. Now, I eat mostly whole foods – including bucket loads of vegetables and fruit! And I feel better for it.

What does living a healthy and happy life mean to you?

It means balance. Health is not just food – it’s having a healthy relationship with yourself. The more I work on loving myself, on doing things that make me feel nourished and looked after, the happier and healthier I feel. And sometimes that means going out for burgers with my best friends! It’s all about balance.

What did you enjoy the most about the microgreens? And what might be your favourite way of using them?

I love how much nutrition I can get into my body in such a small plant! The broccoli microgreens are my favourite. I add them to salads, sometimes into smoothies or I just eat them as is.

What is your favourite quote? And why?

I think it’s simply this: “Hurt people hurt people. Healed people heal people.” I love it because it sums up exactly how I feel about life! When we are hurting, and sick, and dissatisfied with life, it flows out. But when the opposite is true, when we feel well and loved and genuinely excited by our work and mission in life, that flows out and touches people in very positive ways.