Mate, I won’t sugarcoat it – I’ve been stuck in a rut lately. Longer and deeper than what I’m used to. Life’s got its ups and downs, I get that, but this time, it’s been a real struggle to shake off. Been knocked around a fair bit this year, took some hits that really messed with my head and heart, you know?

My daily grind at the gym and my early morning rise at 4 am? Yeah, well, that routine’s gone pear-shaped. Sleeping in’s become the norm, and I’m lacking the drive and energy I used to have. Dodgy habits creeping back in, like they’ve got a hold of me. Been feeling less motivated, more like giving up – “what’s the point, anyway?”

I miss feeling healthy and on top of my game, you know? But getting back on track’s proving a challenge. Usually, when I’m in a slump, I pull some crazy stunt to shake things up – a big change to jolt me out of my funk. Maybe that’s what I need right now.

I’m not in bad nick, but I’m not at my peak either. There’s a gym just around the block, but even that’s been a struggle. So, I ditched it and set up my own gym in the garage, thinking proximity was the issue. Turns out, it’s more than that. Once you fall out of the daily exercise groove, it’s a mission to get back in.

Last week, Kellie from PLC Osborne Park (@plc_osbornepark)

reached out and offered me a free trial at their gym. Thought, why not give it a crack? Maybe this is the crazy move I need to shake up my mornings. Signed up for the 6 am class – a tad ambitious, turns out.

As I hit the sack last night, I was already debating skipping it. Set my alarm for 4:30 am, but ended up tossing and turning all night. When the alarm buzzed, I shut it off and went back to sleep. It’s just a trial, skipping won’t hurt… or will it? Couldn’t shake the feeling, though, lying there, wrestling with myself.

Come 5:20 am, I made up my mind – I was going. Grabbed my gear, roped in Colby, and off we went. We were late, but not too late to jump in. Bit of a fumble without an induction (thanks to being late), but Coach Scott guided me through, and there were plenty of folks to follow.

Not gonna lie, one session hasn’t magically pulled me out of the rut, but it feels like a step in the right direction. Having a set time, a workout that doesn’t need me to think, and the positive vibes and people might just be what I need. Getting out early’s thrown a spanner in my routine, but it means I can hit the beach with Colby before I’d usually roll out of bed.

Sometimes, you’ve gotta admit you can’t do it solo and that change calls for action, even if it’s a bit nuts. Glad I showed up, despite the crap sleep. And let me tell you, being accountable to someone else? That’s a game-changer. Breaking promises to myself’s easy, but letting someone else down? That hits different.