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Why Giving Greens?

Giving Greens are nutrient-rich microgreens that give the gift of health, vitality, and optimal performance.

Loaded with the micronutrients that the body needs to function optimally, Giving Greens help people to live their best life by being a source of crucial nutrients.

Being a living food, harvested before consumption, the nutrients are in a form that is easily and readily absorbed by the body ensuring maximum effectiveness.

All of our nutritionally microgreens are grown organically and in a way to maximise nutrient content.

The Partner Program?

Introduce your customers, clients or members to Giving Greens to help them, and to help you.

Giving Greens’ Partner Program helps you to improve the lives of your audience while helping you to build a profitable and thriving business.

For the lifetime of the customer you’ll receive ongoing commissions.

You’ll receive support for initially introducing your audience to Giving Greens, help explain the benefits, and tailor special offers to help your audience to take action.

With ongoing online marketing and brand building your audience will be invited to continue being a customer.

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