According to the 2016 Census, there are 58,112 Iran-born people in Australia, 5,815 of which are residing in Western Australia. That was 5-6 years ago. It probably increased within those years and it is just so amazing how we are all culturally diverse yet we are all sharing a wonderful community here in WA. This month up until April, our Iranian/Persian brothers and sisters are going to celebrate their Persian New Year. 

Nowruz (pronounced as no-rooz) in English literally means “new day”. If the Chinese have the Lunar New Year which is based on the lunar calendar, the Iranians have their Nowruz that follows the solar calendar. Having it based on the solar calendar, Nowruz is celebrated during the first day of Spring which usually occurs every 21st of March. In 2010, the United Nations proclaimed 21 March as International Nowruz Day. However, the celebration varies between 19-21 March depending on when the equinox happens. 

This is an ancient tradition that is being celebrated for approximately 3,000 years to date where it has been celebrated mostly by the Balkans, the Black Sea basin, the Causasus, the Middle East and Central Asia. With the term spring-cleaning, Nowruz marks the start of a new beginning that gives people a sense of hope for a prosperous future, a way to heal ourselves from a year of struggle, and a reminder of the values that we have shared within our circle and/or community. 

Weeks prior to the celebration of Nowruz, people would do a major house cleaning to get rid of the clutter, remove the old stuff that was used the previous year that wouldn’t be of much help in the coming year, basically to have a fresh start. They would put a haft-seen or half-sin on a table which traditionally includes seven things that start with the letter ‘s’ or ‘sin’ in Persian. Sabzeh is one of the most important centrepieces of the haft-sin which wheatgrass is usually used as it symbolises rejuvenation or rebirth. And this is where the role of wheatgrass comes in.

Being one of the producers of wheatgrass in Perth and to show support for our Iranian community here in WA, Giving Greens will be providing the freshest and most nutritious wheatgrass for this special occasion. We all know that wheatgrass is composed of many nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and enzymes that help the body in digestion, as well as boost the immune system, helps with constipation; they are anti-inflammatory and generally, promotes optimal health. With its great nutritional benefits, its symbolism of rebirth and renewal should be evident with the quality of wheatgrass being produced.

Nowruz is a 13-day celebration that will start on the 20th of March and ends on the 1st of April. However, there will be a fire festival prior to that on the 15th of March which takes place on the night before the last Wednesday of the year. This marks the winning of light over darkness for our Iranian friends.

As we promote the value of living a healthy and happy life, Giving Greens would like to share this celebration with our Iranian and non-Iranian friends and family. Together in harmony and in unity, let’s make this event a joyous occasion and have a prosperous new year.