With a hectic schedule, some people tend to skip breakfast or just drive away and have a cup of coffee and drink it while on the road. Sometimes, we tend to buy ready-made meals for dinner because we just can’t prepare our own meals or we do not have the time to do grocery shopping. Fortunately, more and more restaurants and cafes are now offering takeaway services that make it convenient for busy people to buy their meals. Here are some of the restaurants and cafes that have takeaway service with food that are not only delicious but healthy as well. Let’s not forget that these places love our greens too!

This restaurant along Quinns Beach is just among the crowds’ favourite places not only for a regular dining experience but for special occasions and events as well. Located a few metres away from the Indian Ocean, Portofinos offers dinner takeaways for those who’d like to have their food eaten somewhere else. Customers can go online to check their menu and have them ordered either for pick up or delivery. Orders can be picked up at the restaurant’s foyer. If the queue is long and you have to wait, don’t worry as you can enjoy the sea breeze while waiting. But I’m sure that you won’t have to wait that long to get your order. Just make sure to allot a few minutes in advance so they can make it perfect for you. For food that is ordered for delivery, you can have them delivered via Uber Eats. One thing to take note of is that their takeaways dinner service is only available from Wednesday to Sunday from 4 pm to 8 pm.

Nic & Kolo
When you’re around Applecross, there’s this chic restaurant that offers delicious meals for takeaways. It’s none other than the multi-awarded Nic&Kolo that will surely satisfy your hunger even when on the go. Imagine bringing one of the bestselling and favourites among their customers, Mac and Cheese Eggs Benedict to your workplace. What a great way to start a hectic day!

U N Me Coogee
Going to a place not far away from Applecross, another amazing restaurant that offers takeaway service is U N Me Coogee. If you’re just planning to spend the day on Coogee beach and are in need of snacks or even a grazing box for takeaway, U N ME got it covered for you. Just a few kilometres away from the beach, you can simply phone them on your way there to let them prepare your order and have them ready once you arrive. For the grazing box though, you would need to inform them two days in advance to reserve it for you and ensure its availability. And oh, you can have them with wine too.

Be Free Organics
Now here’s a cafe that offers takeaway service but takes it up a notch through their online ordering option. Be Free Organics is not only a cafe but also a store that offers some of the most amazing organics you could ever find. They were able to incorporate their knowledge in e-commerce so that customers can now choose from their menu online and order it from there. Images of the food and beverages they have are also available so the customer can easily identify what to order. As of now, takeaways are done through in-store pick-up so it’s a great convenience as well to have your order prepared in advance while on your way there and to your work or somewhere else when in a hurry.

White Salt
Down to the last one is yet another chic and cosy award-winning cafe, bar and restaurant that is located in Sorrento. It’s none other than White Salt that gives you not only scrumptious meals but also a scenic view of the Indian Ocean. Like Be Free Organics, the people of White Salt have taken advantage of the innovativeness of technology and have put their takeaway service on another level. Customers can visit their website and from there, they can order their food choices for takeaways. And the good thing about it is that they can either choose to have their orders picked up or delivered! Talk about convenience there. However, their delivery option is to limited areas only as of the moment. Their delivery areas are as follows: Sorrento, Hillarys, Kallaroo, Watermans, Marmion, North Beach, Trigg and Duncraig.