Why support local businesses? This has been shared before on the Giving Local Instagram account and I would like to reiterate this once more. According to ourstatebudget.wa.gov.au, “The WA domestic economy grew by 4.3% in 2020-2021 – the strongest of all States for the second year in a row, placing WA as one of the top-performing economies in the world.” This statistic just shows that local businesses create a big impact in our economy, the local economy, in that sense. Our community strives hard to support each and every business we have in our locality. Apart from this record, what is really the significance of supporting local businesses? Why does supporting local businesses matter?

Boosts Local Economy

Local businesses more often than not utilise locally sourced materials or ingredients. By supporting local businesses, you also support your local farmers, your local producers and all. The money you spend on them cycles within your local community which in turn helps to boost the economy. Let’s give an example for this one. Most of the restaurants or cafès I work with get their supplies from local producers such as me, providing them with organically-grown microgreens. While on my end, I also get my supply of soil locally as well. You see, there’s a cycle going on that is interrelated to the supply and demand which then affects the local economy. The more we support local businesses, the more demand there is. And the more the demand there is the more supply is needed to meet it. And the more that this is happening, the more our local economy benefits.


Builds Community Camaraderie

As you support local businesses, not only of your friends or your family, you are able to build relationships. And by creating relationships with them, camaraderie will come out naturally. They are there to provide more job opportunities for the locals and since these people are within your community, high quality of service is guaranteed. It’s all linked together. We are all linked together. Supporting our local businesses is supporting ourselves as well. It makes people create this support system which is a really important factor in building a healthy and progressing community. Who will help us in times of need? Isn’t it much better to become a resilient community that can stand on its feet and rise up in times of challenges? One great place where a lot of people go to show support for the local producers is the farmers’ market. In Western Australia, I believe there are more than 50 farmers’ markets that are currently being attended by the locals. One of which is the Farmers’ Market on Manning where I go to sell my microgreens every Saturday. I have met a lot of local producers there whom I became friends with and now share the same goal of not only boosting the local economy but also promoting the healthy and organic products that we produce for the wellness of the people and for them to help live a sustainable life.


More Potential in Becoming Eco-Friendly

Even with diverse personalities and roots, we all have our paralleled visions. And one of them is to make the planet a better place. With that in mind, having this vision that starts within the community, we are able to influence and manage how products and services are being produced without harming the environment. Supporting local businesses has more potential in becoming eco-friendly because the people who live in that certain community would want to take care of the place they are living in. Remember, we start small before we go big. As mentioned in the second point, being a local farmer myself, one of my visions is to help people live a sustainable life. From the soil to the trays, and to the recyclable bags I use to place my harvested microgreens in the market, I make sure that I stand with my vision and practice the environment-friendly way of doing business as much as I can. And not only me who does this practice, but there are a lot of local businesses that do it as well. I’m pretty sure that you will not be surprised by the amount of effort that our local businesses do to contribute to the betterment of our environment.


These are just among the many reasons why supporting the local businesses matter. I could go on but it will just sound redundant because, as I have mentioned, it is a cycle. Once we support our local businesses, everyone and everything gets affected. It is not only the economy that is greatly impacted by this cause, but it is also us, the community. From the quality of the products being produced, from the relationships being built to the planet where we live in and is being protected. It comes down to us. Come to think of it, we are actually the reason why supporting local businesses matters. We, the people, are the reason.