Mizuna provides the body with a variety of nutrients to support the functioning of the immune system, improve mood, and looks after your skin and hair.


Vitamin A Is an antioxidant; Important for maintaining healthy vision and skin; Boosts immunity.

Vitamin B5 Found to reduce levels of stress; Boosts immune system; Helps to keep hair and skin in good condition; Important for energy.

Vitamin B6 Helps the body convert food into energy; Good for a healthy immune systems; Improves moods; Assists in the balancing of sex hormones and reduces symptoms of PMS.

Vitamin C Helps to keep skin healthy; Fights infections, and protects eyesights; An antioxidant.

Vitamin K Important for helping the blood to clot, reducing excessive bleeding.


Potassium Important for the normalisation of blood pressure and maintaining a healthy water balance inside cells; Protects against fatigue and contributes to energy production.

Phosphorous Assists in the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth; Needed for energy production and reducing tiredness and increasing endurance; Important for growth and repair.

Magnesium Helps to keep bones and teeth healthy and strong; Ensures that muscles and nerves function optimally; combats depression.

Iron Assists in the production and maintenance of healthy blood; Boosts the immune system; Increases energy and reduces fatigue.

Calcium Important for the maintenance of healthy bones; Improves the immune system; Contributes to a healthy heart.

Manganese Contributes to optimal brain function and healthy bones; Detoxifying effects; Assists in the speedy healing of wounds.

  • Deliveries are made on a Monday. Please ensure that someone will be there to pay for the tray on collection unless alternate arrangements made prior. Delivery within the Greater Perth Region is Free.
  • Collections can be direct from the farm in Mundaring by appointment, or from Perth City Farm Farmer’s Market on a Saturday, or Stirling Farmers Market on a Sunday.