We all know that Halloween is all orange and black. Pumpkins, scarecrows, costumes that are either just using plain white cloth, superheroes, or anything with a creepy theme or with fake blood, trick-or-treat, and more. Halloween parties are mostly everywhere. No matter how spooky or scary Halloween is defined, people seem to enjoy and have fun during this time of the year. However, while people are enjoying and having fun, do we even notice how the costumes, props, or anything used to celebrate Halloween tends to be spooky and scary for the environment? With the materials that are often used for being a count Dracula for a day, even the fake teeth being worn may be harmful to our surroundings.

So, how do we make it green for Halloween without compromising the fun and enjoyment of celebrating it? Here are some of the things to keep in mind:

Recycle and be your very own “Steve Jobs”

This generation has enabled a lot of people to showcase their creativity. Just look at those viral videos on every social media platform. To be honest, it’s crazy! I’m saying that in a shocking way, not in a negative way. I mean, these times, you can quickly get inspiration from many people around the world on how to recycle used materials – from food containers, cartons, plastic, and more! There are a lot of things that can be recycled if we’re just going to let our inner “Steve Jobs” do its thing. It’s time to unleash that hidden creativity. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone – you get to uncover your hidden talent while making use of something to its unknown maximum capability.

Get away from plastics and discover the beauty of organic resources Have you ever wondered how people from the old centuries produce makeup or something of that sort? Did you know that rose petals were used before to make red blush for the cheek? How about making fake blood using beetroot or strawberries? How about doing paper mache to create your own goaltender mask for that Jason of Friday the 13th look? I’d say that using fruits or vegetables or any other natural resources for a day of spooky fun is not a waste of produce. I believe it’s more sustainable because as soon as you finish using them it’ll just deteriorate on its own, wouldn’t it? This also applies to the treats that are given to those trick-or-treaters. Chocolates and candies wrapped either in plastic or foil are the usual favourites but why not make it more personal and more exciting by maybe making your own treats wrapped in natural wrappers? I know not all people have the time to produce such or even know how to make them. But I believe there are a lot of small businesses that offer artisan chocolates like The Cheeky Cacao

and have them re-wrapped to paper wrappers. It may consume time to re-wrap things but it takes an ample amount of effort to achieve great things which in this case is the better health of our planet Earth.

Giving used ones a second chance, third, fourth, and more…

If all things don’t fall into your place – “I’m not that creative.” “I don’t have time to do those things.” I don’t even know where to start!” – and you really want to join the Halloween feast, fret not. There will always be those second-hand things that you can find online or from any charity shop. You don’t even have to buy it. Check your attic or your storage room for anything that may be of use or ask your relatives or friends if they have something you can use. It’s a matter of perspectives. Halloween costumes or props don’t need to be pretty or brand new (unless you’re going for that famous heroine character for your Halloween party) but there are a lot of ways to achieve it. Again, it’s a matter of perspective and resourcefulness.

It’s great to have fun and all. Halloween has been a part of our lives for so many years. Each and every one of us has different ways to celebrate it. But one thing is for sure, Halloween is celebrated to remember those who have passed away, the souls of those who have died… death. Let’s do our best to celebrate it as that and not the death of our beloved Earth. People come and go. It is inevitable. But how about the Earth?