There are a lot of great restaurants and café’s in Perth. If you’re living on the north side of Swan River, and you’re looking for a good place to have a meal with our microgreens, here are some of the healthiest café’s and restaurants to go to.

Organic on the Go

With our vision to promote a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritional food like our Microgreens, it’s great to have Organic On The Go that gives a more meaningful life to our little greens. Organic On The Go offers supercharged meals that are full of nutrients that will help you achieve a healthier you. They ensure that the ingredients used in every meal are organic which gives it a better flavour. A variety of breakfast options are offered with memorable names like Prawn Star, Rawgazmic and Keto Commando among a few. Their recipes include ingredients such as Quinoa, cherry tomatoes, kale, free-range chicken, olive oil, sweet potatoes, and a lot more! Of course, let’s not forget the Microgreens! With all these combined, not only your hunger will be satisfied but also, your eyes – because of the vibrant colours these ingredients have. Located in Inglewood, just across the road from the new Woolworths store.

Be Free Organics

Healthy and organic. Two words that Be Free Organics would like to incorporate into their meals as a way for them to carry out their vision across. It is a family owned and locally run business in Subiaco which gives the city a great alternative for those who are looking for healthy dishes. Their Smashed Avo may sound simple yet so ecstatically delicious. For those who have the sweet tooth, the mixed berry waffles or the Big Red 11 (mixed berries with banana, camu camu, and coconut water) will fill you up without making you feel guilty at all. This chic café doesn’t only offer nutritious meals, but they also offer sustainable products, body essentials, and frozen goods. They ensure that their meals and products are 100% organic and are GMO-free. They are fully committed to providing the healthiest meals and sustainable products in any way they can without hurting the environment. So if you’re around Subiaco and in need of some good healthy fix for a brunch or for your pantry, a visit to Be Free Organics is a must. Your support will mean a lot not only to them but to the environment too.


Right on the coast at Quinns Beach in Mindarie, Portofino’s really is without a doubt the place to be if you’re looking for some scenic views while enjoying a meal. Portofino’s offers Mediterranean cuisine which is found to be one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. But of course, they have their own twists to it to make sure that it fits the Australian palate. They offer a wide variety of healthy meal options especially during lunch with their “Something Light” menu that includes salads, and chicken or fish dishes. To take on the Mediterranean feel, you might want to try their special salad with spinach, feta salad, roasted pumpkin, dried tomatoes, toasted walnuts and beetroot. You can have your meal either al fresco or inside the restaurant. 

The Boat

Now, from Quinns Road, hit the road down to The Marina in Mindarie. Let’s start off with “the anchor” of The Marina, Mindarie, The Boat. If you’re a pescatarian and are looking for a seafood fix for your diet, a visit to this place is a must. With a great view of the turquoise water, your eyes and tummy will thank you for taking them to this place. You might want to try their seafood platter which includes fish, oysters, mussels, squid and prawns – from fish to crustaceans to cephalopod. They have vegan options in their menu too such as the Pumpkin and Lentil Burger. Of course, salads are a must thus, they offer this super salad with wild rice, quinoa, orange, rocket, walnuts, cranberries, apple, red onion and a dash of citrus dressing. So, whether you’re just chillin’ or partying, you can still enjoy a meal without feeling guilty.

Indian Ocean Brewing Co

Last restaurant on this list is the Indian Ocean Brewing Co which is right across from The Boat, Mindarie. Don’t let the word “brewing” intimidate you and stop you from eating good food at this restaurant. Beers often are drunk with meat dishes or maybe “fatty” food fingers. But, lo and behold, in this restaurant you pair your pint of beer with some vegan options. They actually have a dedicated vegan menu for their vegan guests. You can try their Roasted Cauliflower served with hummus, sumac and coconut. They also have a vegan pizza that is topped with vegan cheese, hummus, cherry tomatoes, olives, red onion, spinach and capsicum. And just recently, they launched their Watermelon pHuzz which looks satisfyingly thirst quenching!

All in all, these café’s & restaurants offer a wide variety of options according to your liking. They commit themselves to provide the healthiest meals in any way they can ensuring they give you the most nutrient-dense microgreens around to support you to live a healthy and happy life.