Mate, let me tell you about the real power of togetherness. As the old saying goes, “No man is an island.” It’s true as can be. No matter how much we crave solitude, sooner or later, we yearn for the comfort of a mate or a loved one. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s value in a bit of alone time—it gives us clarity, serenity, and a chance to unwind from life’s complexities. But it’s the connections we form with others that truly enrich our human experience.

Today was a prime example. While I was taking a breather and giving myself a bit of self-care (which we all need now and then), I got a text from Alan, the bloke who runs the Calan Horse Sanctuary where I volunteer. You might remember from my earlier posts that I’ve been lending a hand there since the start of the year. Every other fortnight, I bunk down at the sanctuary overnight, lending a hand where I can. Alan, bless his soul, is getting on in years, and the hard yakka of looking after the rescued horses ain’t getting any easier. But his love and dedication to these creatures keep him going strong.

Anyway, Alan messaged me this morning to say that Devon, one of the old-timers at Calan, was down with colic and needed help pronto. I dropped everything, jumped in the ute, and hightailed it over. It’s a fair dinkum 2.5-hour drive from my place to Calan, but I didn’t hesitate. When I arrived, Alan had already given Devon some pain relief and a bit of oil to help shift the sand in his gut. Thankfully, the old fella was back on his hooves, but we’re keeping a close eye on him, just in case.

Now, seeing a creature suffer, whether it’s a pet, an animal mate, or even a human, it’s never easy. That’s just a part of life, eh? But that’s not what I want to focus on. It’s the sense of togetherness that’s been woven into my volunteering gig at Calan. Despite only knowing each other for a few months, Alan, the horses, and I have built a bond that’s as strong as an Aussie oak. Trust, respect, and yeah, even a bit of love—it’s all there. Love ain’t just for your significant other, mate. It’s bigger than that. It’s about knowing you’re needed and having a purpose. And you know what? Maybe I don’t need to search far and wide for it. It’s right here, in these moments.

See, togetherness isn’t just about forging connections; it’s about discovering yourself in the process. Having someone to lean on, something to care for—it gives life meaning. Whether it’s through volunteering or some other way, building camaraderie as we have at Calan can create more than just friendships; it can build a community that supports each other through thick and thin. That’s the true power of togetherness, mate. Standing shoulder to shoulder, lifting each other up when we need it most.