It’s spring time! What could be better than enjoying the lovely weather with your friends and family at the comfort of your home. Having a party at home need not to be extravagant. We can have fun without breaking the bank and without causing too much waste before, during and after the party.

Here’s a list of ideas you might want to consider should you want to host an exciting and sustainable party at home.

Planning and Sourcing

Isn’t it exciting to organise or better yet, host an event or party? One of the most meticulous stages in hosting an event is the planning stage. This is the crucial part because you want to make sure that you think of a theme or a concept that you and your friends will surely enjoy. It’s not a party where you are the only one who’s enjoying it, but of course, your guests too.

  • Theme
    You have to think of a concept that would pique your and your guests’ interest. You want to think of something unique and creative, or something that is common but put a little twist to it to make it an event worth-remembering. For example, having an outdoor night is a bit common but you can put a twist to it by letting your guests pay for the ticket. Paying not with money but with used plastic containers or bottles. It’s simply like a “No to Plastic” drive where your guests bring their used plastic containers or bottles as a ticket for the movie (plus food and drinks) then once you have collected everything, you can send them over to some recycling centers.
  • Sourcing
    One thing that is also crucial in event planning is sourcing. As much as possible, you want to hold a party that is cost efficient. But, you don’t want to sacrifice the materials you’re going to use over a cheap price. Using disposable paper and plastic tablewares might be cheap but are not environmentally friendly. We want to avoid that. What you can do is make use of washable tablewares and containers you have at home. If none, you can outsource by going to a “charity shop” and buying mis-matching sets then returning them when you’re finished with them.


Food and Drinks Selection

You would want to serve great quality food to your guests without spending too much and without giving in to preservatives and all those empty calories. Having healthy options at your party doesn’t mean you have to go all out vegetables but you can have a variety in using organic meat produce. Supporting your local market and other small businesses is not only good for the community you are living in but it is also a great way to show appreciation in making products that have less carbon footprint.



There are a lot of fun activities you can do during parties, but what could be more exciting than having some games especially if you have young attendees. We’re not talking about board games or video games. The games we are referring to are those that need physical activity, team camaraderie and mental strength. You can be as creative as you can with this as long as your purpose is to drive people to enjoy physical activities and have them realise how important it is for your health and wellness. But, how can we make it sustainable? Easy. You can make use of DIY materials or simply no materials at all. For example, you can do the classic Tug of War where only a long rope and a handkerchief are needed; Dizzy Relay Race, just find a bat or simply make the elephant arm stretch while slightly pinching your nose using the hand closest to your face, bend over and circle for a number of times and run afterwards to do the relay and that’s it. There are a lot of activities that don’t require plastics at all. Be creative.



Now here’s the part where it can be easy and challenging at the same time. This will test your resourcefulness to its maximum level. Most parties use balloons. Who doesn’t love balloons, right? But, we all know what it’s made of. So, ditch it and make use of those honeycomb balls, pom poms and/or buntings which can be made with recyclable paper, wool or fabric. Skip the plastic cups and straws, and metallic tinsel curtains. Many eco-friendly alternatives are available, you just have to research first to make sure you are avoiding those that can harm the environment. Another thing to consider is to use recycled materials. You can express your creativity by doing some decorations made from recycled plastic bottles, plastic bags, and other recyclable materials. You can also challenge your family and friends and choose the one that has the best design and creation. This idea will not only raise awareness about sustainability but also it will motivate people to make use of their talents for the betterment of our surroundings.


Waste Reduction

You see, you can be as minimalist as you can be in hosting a sustainable party. But, it’s a party. It doesn’t happen everyday so once in a while you really have to exert more effort to please not only yourself but your attendees with some eye-pleasing decorations, delicious meals and fun-filled activities. And with all these, one word stands out before, during, and after the party. Waste. It is important that you have to manage waste even before the event as this is the time you do your decorations, test your recipes and all. Remember that having a sustainable party doesn’t only focus on the “during” part of the event but all throughout. That’s why it is important to plan out really well so that you can easily control and manage the waste you’ll be having in the entire event. You have to ensure that the materials you will use are biodegradable and recyclable. Plan where to logically place your trash bins during the party. Segregate the trash effectively by putting labels on it with texts and pictures (yes, include pictures because there are still some people who find it challenging to identify which is which). Doing the segregation will also help you after the party as you’ll be able to efficiently know which can be recycled and which cannot be recycled.

Having these ideas in mind, it is still important to enjoy and have a meaningful time with your loved ones. What makes it special is that we are not the only ones enjoying, but the environment as well. The planet Earth, like humans, has its ending too. We may not know when but let’s make it last as long as possible for the future generations.