A lot of you may be aware of what Yin and Yang are – a circle symbol coloured in half black and half white with a bit of a swirl in the middle. It’s a “Chinese philosophical concept” that merely refers to the connection of two forces that makes up our life. It’s the dark and the light, the masculinity and the femininity, the positive and the negative. Yin for the negative and Yang for the positive. This year is like that. A year of yin and yang. 

The beginning of the year looked like a fresh start for us. I and my team encountered a not-so-good ending last year as the Giving Greens Instagram account has been taken up by the Meta gods. Though the sales and the network of people we have created across the health and wellness community were pretty good, there’s this little grinch who took away some of those blessings – particularly the followers we had. It’ll be a year actually this December. Anyway, moving to 2022, after all the emails and contacts I did to reach out to those Meta gods to no avail, I’ve decided to make use of my other account which is my second business – Giving Local. It went well. We made it alive and created a bit of noise for several months. It was a good one. Then I decided to create a new account for Giving Greens. Just like I said, it’s a fresh start. Not really back to zero because I still have my friends and some connections here and there. We did our best to make noise out there. Got pretty good results but you know, it’s not easy to climb that ladder again. A lot of factors need to be considered. The algorithm does it all. As of this moment, we just reached 300 plus organic followers. And it’s looking pretty good. There are some bots or you know, those scam-looking profiles that we really need to get rid of. But seeing this progressing outcome is a good sign already. It’s one of my “Yangs” for this year. 

Another Yang I have for this year is my cute dog, Colby. I got her when she was a puppy and she really did have an amazing effect on me. Surprisingly, I often see myself in her. I don’t know but I just noticed some of her qualities to be like mine. I’m not complaining, of course. She has taught me so much. She’s a gem! 

For my business, I can say that amidst the chaos going on around the world recently, I’d say that it did pretty well. Well, we are still here. This year has been the biggest year so far. I lost my driver (resigned) early this year – which is one of my “Yins”. Having a driver helps me do more but since he left, of course, I have to do the deliveries myself. But even though that happened, orders keep coming through every week. And there were months when new customers kept coming up! I have no idea where all these new customers are coming from but I’m immensely grateful for each and every one. The amount of work has doubled, it is a challenge but what is success without a challenge, right?

Not only good things happened this year. Of course, there are down days as well. And I’ve shared this in my latest IGTV chat with Tina Dewberry (if you haven’t watched it yet, find it here) and also in one of my blogs here. With all the things going on with my business and in my personal life, I fell into a shallow pit of despair. My whole well-being for a certain period of time was not at the level of what I idealised it to be. I know some people experience this as well and it’s really not easy to get back on track. That is the biggest Yin for me this year.  

Despite all the highs and lows, the yin and yang, I still find gratitude in everything that has happened this year. May those challenges serve as learning experiences and may those good things serve as blessings. And let’s not take everything and every person that comes our way for granted. There may be dark days and light days but let’s do our best to find balance. Rest if you must. Work hard if you must. But don’t forget to live life.