Perth’s North Side Dining Gems: Where Healthy Meets Delicious

Perth boasts an array of exceptional restaurants and cafés, especially if you’re on the north side of the Swan River and on the hunt for a nourishing meal featuring our microgreens. Here’s a rundown of some of the healthiest spots to dine:

Organic on the Go

At Organic on the Go, the mission to promote a healthy lifestyle through nutrition-rich foods like microgreens is taken to heart. This spot offers supercharged meals brimming with nutrients for a healthier you. They pride themselves on using organic ingredients for better taste, offering a variety of breakfast options with catchy names like Prawn Star, Rawgazmic, and Keto Commando. Their dishes, packed with quinoa, cherry tomatoes, kale, free-range chicken, olive oil, sweet potatoes, and of course, microgreens, are not just a feast for the stomach but also for the eyes with their vibrant colours. Find them in Inglewood, just opposite the new Woolworths.

Be Free Organics

Be Free Organics combines healthy and organic in their dishes, embodying their vision in every meal. This family-owned, Subiaco-based café offers a great alternative for those seeking nutritious dishes. Their Smashed Avo is simple yet delightfully delicious, and for the sweet tooths, the mixed berry waffles or the Big Red 11 are guilt-free pleasures. This chic café doesn’t just serve nutritious meals; it also offers sustainable products and body essentials. They’re committed to 100% organic and GMO-free meals and products, aiming to provide the healthiest options without harming the environment. Swing by if you’re in Subiaco for a healthy brunch or to stock up your pantry.


Situated on the coast at Quinns Beach, Mindarie, Portofino’s offers breathtaking scenic views alongside your meal. They serve Mediterranean cuisine, known as one of the healthiest in the world, with a twist to suit the Australian taste. Their lunch menu, “Something Light,” features salads and chicken or fish dishes, including a special salad with spinach, feta, roasted pumpkin, dried tomatoes, toasted walnuts, and beetroot. Enjoy your meal al fresco or inside for a Mediterranean vibe.

The Boat

Heading down Quinns Road to The Marina in Mindarie, you’ll find The Boat, a haven for seafood lovers. With stunning views of the turquoise waters, it’s a treat for both the eyes and the stomach. Their seafood platter is a must-try, featuring an array of fish, oysters, mussels, squid, and prawns. For vegans, they offer options like the Pumpkin and Lentil Burger and a super salad with wild rice, quinoa, orange, rocket, walnuts, cranberries, apple, red onion, and a dash of citrus dressing. Whether you’re relaxing or partying, you can enjoy a guilt-free meal here.

Indian Ocean Brewing Co

Right across from The Boat in Mindarie, the Indian Ocean Brewing Co pairs its pints of beer with vegan delights. Despite the focus on brewing, the restaurant offers a dedicated vegan menu. Try the Roasted Cauliflower with hummus, sumac, and coconut, or the vegan pizza topped with vegan cheese, hummus, cherry tomatoes, olives, red onion, spinach, and capsicum. They’ve also recently introduced the Watermelon pHuzz, a refreshingly thirst-quenching drink.

These cafés and restaurants are committed to providing the healthiest meals, ensuring you get the most nutrient-dense microgreens to support a healthy and happy lifestyle. Whether you’re in the mood for a supercharged breakfast, a Mediterranean lunch, or a vegan feast, Perth’s north side has you covered.