The Season’s Best for a Smokin’ Aussie Barbie

Barbie season is upon us, the perfect time for gathering mates and family for a grand BBQ party. No Aussie barbie is complete without cold beers, wine, champagne, or cocktails, not to mention the crowd-pleasing dishes and favourite BBQ activities.

Snags, Chops and Steaks

The quintessential BBQ staples: lamb chops, sausages, steaks, and hot-grilled burgers. Whether it’s lamb chops with chimichurri sauce, steaks seasoned with salt, pepper, and melted garlic butter, or homemade burgers and snags, fresh quality meat is key. Go the extra mile by making sausages and burger patties from scratch, using healthy or organic ingredients for added nutritional value. Get creative with your homemade sausages by experimenting with different meats and seasonings for a unique twist. Accompany these with dishes like sausages with caponata, grilled sausage with Thai-style salad, or classic snags with caramelised onions and microgreens for a fancy touch.

Barbie’d Veggies

Grilled vegetables are a must for any barbie, adding that smoky flavour not just to meats but to our cherished greens as well. From classic grilled corn cobs to eggplants, asparagus, artichokes, and even pineapples, the options are endless. Create a grilled vegetable salad by tossing your favourite veggies in olive oil, seasoning them, and grilling to perfection. Serve them with vinaigrette and cheese, topped with nutritious microgreens for a healthy crowd-pleaser. Consider rolling grilled zucchinis with ricotta and mint pesto for a delightful finger food option.








A barbie isn’t just about the food; it’s about the fun. Keep guests entertained while the food cooks with a variety of activities. Set up a deck of cards, board games, or even a picnic mat for a more relaxed vibe. For the more active guests, a mini cricket match can work up an appetite. If you’re feeling creative, organise an outdoor movie viewing with a white cloth screen or a wide wall for projection, using bean bags for seating and providing light snacks to tide over the hunger until the main feast is ready.

A well-planned Aussie barbie is the perfect way to create lasting memories with loved ones, offering options for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Ensuring there’s something for everyone, from the food to the entertainment, will guarantee an enjoyable experience for all your guests.