With Easter upon us, it’s the perfect time to delve into the topic of eggs. Eggs, alongside bunnies, are symbolic of Easter festivities. At Giving Local, one of our sought-after offerings comes from Runnymede Farm, renowned for producing premium pastured eggs.

Owned by Blythe and Gregg, Runnymede has been providing fresh pastured eggs for many years now. I came to know them when I first went to Farmers Market on Manning where I sell my microgreens. If you were able to buy some microgreens from me before at the market, they’re just right across from me. Since my vision is to promote local businesses by means of doing home deliveries and, also, provide good food, it is easy to say that I got hooked on their amazing eggs. They are not only naturally delicious but they are very nutritious too.

Questions often arise about whether free-range eggs surpass pasture-raised eggs, and vice versa. To shed light on their disparities, certifiedhumane.org delineates that free-range hens are allotted less than 2 square feet of space with limited outdoor access. In contrast, pasture-raised hens roam in expansive areas of at least 108 square feet, with ample access to grass, dirt, bugs, and worms. At Runnymede Farm, our hens roam freely, protected by Marremas, with mobile chicken tractors facilitating regular shifts to different pastures.

This commitment to extensive grazing is just one of the many reasons why pasture-raised eggs stand out for their superior health benefits. According to whfoods.com, eggs are rich in choline, a vital vitamin belonging to the B-complex group, essential for brain and nervous system health. A 50-gram pasture-raised hard-boiled egg contains 35% DV of choline, making it an excellent source of this nutrient. Furthermore, pasture-raised eggs are also rich in Vitamins A, B, and D, along with other essential minerals.

This Easter, consider opting for pasture-raised eggs from Runnymede Farm for a healthier and more ethical choice. Not only do these eggs offer superior nutritional benefits, but they also uphold ethical standards by providing hens with ample space to roam and graze, ensuring happier and healthier chickens.


With the nutritional value these pasture-raised eggs bring, I believe that poultry farmers such as Blythe and Gregg invest a great deal of knowledge, hard work, and passion to ensure not only the health and happiness of their chickens but also, of their buyers/customers. If you’ll check out their IG feed, you will see the happiness on their farm. Their Marremas run around guarding the amazing plump, happy hens. They also have their grass-fed cows producing high-quality beef. The way they carefully do the irrigation and check the quality of the soil on their property just shows how dedicated they are to taking care of their animals and of their customers.

Photo Credits: Runnymede