For the past weeks, I’ve been chatting with some people over Instagram, some I already knew, some that I have been following for a while, and some completely new people in the health and wellness space. It’s great to see the number of people who are advocating such an amazing vision for health and wellness all over Perth. As an entrepreneur who aims to provide good food to people, I do my best to raise awareness about living a healthy and happy life. In my chats with them, the last question that I always ask before we say goodbye and end the video is “What does living a healthy and happy life mean to you?” And as I’ve asked that question, I received tremendous and inspiring answers from our friends who work on the line of nutrition, fitness, relationships consultation, and healthy food. With their answers, I was able to list the common things that we need to focus on to live a healthy and happy life. And those are Movement, Connection, Gratitude, Freedom, and Love.


To live a healthy and happy life, for both Leon of Snap Fitness and Carla of The Juicy Movement, energy matters. “Energy, performance, greater efficiency in training and productivity for your working day, and then it just rolls onto the rest of your life and relationships”, This is what loving a healthy, happy life means to Leon. The more he moves around doing his job at work and home for his family, being productive and all, gives him a sense of satisfaction which makes him happy. And of course, as a fitness trainer, he gets to work out accordingly and that enables him to perform at his best. As for Carla, she said “Energy to me is what health is. It’s not what you look like physically or what’s on your plate, it’s what you vibrate and you know that. It’s how people show up here or when they are in your room. There’s something about it that you just can’t help but be sort of attracted and drawn into.” For her, it’s not the physical aspects of a person. It still involves movement but from within. It’s sort of having this ‘vibe’ or ‘aura’ that you possess. I believe what she meant by that is how a person brings himself or herself. You will see it in a person. Someone who has this energy, something that might look like this person has all the positivity in the world who’s so bright and all if you know what I mean. If a person is healthy both in body and in mind, it will be shown through his/her actions.


Next up, as the saying goes, “No man is an island.” We have Connection as the next thing we need to consider in living a healthy and happy life. According to Kirsty of Equilibrium HQ, “It is not just about what you’re putting in your body, it is also what is around you. And that means relationships. That means what you’re doing for work. That means what you are spending your spare time on. So, the connections need to be authentic, your work needs to be something that at least at half the time lights you up somewhere or another.” The same goes with Natasha of Revital Health, where she said “It’s definitely Connection that is important for me, and whether that is communication or spending time with the people around me that matter most. And continuing to open myself up to meeting like-minded people, so Connection is absolutely essential.” These women want to emphasize the importance of relationships. It doesn’t mean to go out there and meet a lot of people. Yes, it’s okay to meet a lot of people but it’s the bond that you build with these people, quality over quantity. A person may have a lot of friends but are they truly bonded with that person. What I’m trying to say is, we must surround ourselves with people who have this positive effect on us. The people that have the same aspirations in life. And also, people that are true to themselves and us. What does it mean to have a lot of friends in your social media accounts when you don’t even talk to some of them for a long time, or them talking to you. What’s the use of having many friends if most of them bring toxicity to your life. Choose to build connections or relationships with the people that bring joy and positivity to your life. And I believe that that’s what Kirsty and Natasha meant in living a healthy and happy life.


Thank you! A simple phrase that has a great impact. I have this answer from Rachel of Rachel Jane Fitness that goes “I think gratitude has a lot to do with living a happy life. You know, being grateful for what you have, finding joy in everyday mundane activities. Waking up and noticing the positives in the day.” It’s not only saying “Thank you’s” to people, but it’s how we show appreciation even to the smallest things. For example, showing gratitude as you wake up in the morning is a big thing already. It makes you appreciate life more. We are given another day, another chance to do amazing things and to correct the things we want to correct. As Kirsty also said, “It’s really just seeing simple pleasures and making that light you up because that’s the shit that will make your life so happy and so abundant all the time.” When we appreciate things or the people around us, it makes us full. Don’t you feel the same way? And not only the person who says thank you or who shows appreciation that feels full, but it’s also the recipient of that gratitude. We also need to keep in mind the value of sincerity. It’s not like when you help someone and that person thanked you, you don’t have to let that person feel that they owe you something just because you helped them. And same goes with the person who receives the support. We should not abuse those people who are kind enough to help us. Gratitude and sincerity go hand in hand. That is what makes life worth living. Sincerely appreciate the blessings we have while living temporarily on this Earth.


No matter how much we limit ourselves in doing things, we still have to enjoy life for the benefit of our being and of others as well. Like what Caillan of Be Free Organics said, “having the time and freedom for myself to enjoy life with my family and others and my body being able to keep up with everything that I want to do.” – it’s what living a healthy and happy life means to him. It’s just “as authentic and vibrant as you can be”, says Michelle. Enjoying life without focusing much on its atrocities, just focusing on the positive things in life whether you’re being attacked with so many challenges. We have to buckle up and drive the zigzag road of life. With the right attitude and mindset, freedom will take you anywhere you want to go.


What a splendid word! Love doesn’t only mean loving other people, loving your pet, your plant, your work. Yes, it can be applied to anything. Yes, it is important. But what’s more important is to love yourself. How can you love other people or even take care of them, if you don’t even love yourself? You don’t even know how to take care of yourself. All of my guests in IGTV have mentioned it in their answers to the question, “what does living a healthy and happy life mean to you?” Loving ourselves means eating the right kind of food, being symptom-free like what Sheradyn, a Gut and Hormone Nutritionist, says in our IGTV chat. For her, “it would mean one symptom-free as majority-symptom-free. Because I spent years with gut symptoms. So now, for me, I feel so much healthier and happier without having constipation and bloating every day. But also the mental space and the mental freedom it gave me.” When we know what’s going on with our body, we would know how to take care of it. “Giving your body what it needs every day is the first thing that I would say. Part of my rituals is self-check-in, twice a day – where am I at? What do I need? What kind of food? How did I sleep? Those sort of things. I think, number 1, reconnecting to your body and giving it what it needs every day in terms of fuel.” This is what Jess, another Gut, and Hormone Nutrition expert we have spoken with, mentioned in our last IGTV chat. We need to check what our body needs as there are certain things that one person needs that another person might not. We all are different. If we have compassion or sympathy for ourselves, knowing what our needs are, everything else will follow.

With all these values or factors that we were able to gather from the amazing words of our health and wellness experts and enthusiasts, if you’ll notice, they are all related to each other. To be able to live a healthy and happy life, we should move, connect with other people, enjoy our journey, appreciate even the smallest things, and love ourselves. Liz of EmbodiMe sums it all up by saying “Just enjoying my life. It also means anything that’s getting in my way and that’s within me, working on that, go in there. Undoing that stuff and knowing myself, loving myself, and just being like being me this time around. You know, I don’t want to be anyone else. I want to be me. And I think that’s the way that we live a healthy, happy life. It’s just falling in love with ourselves. In a loving way. Not in an ego way.” It’s time to love ourselves.” And once we learn how to love ourselves, we can live not only a healthy and happy life but a longer life too. It’s like what Carla da Costa, an author, and a relationship coach, meant about living a healthy and happy life. She said, “It’s being able to live a long one. I want to be around till I’m in my 90’s. I want to be really well and happy when I’m in my 90s. I don’t want to be in a wheelchair or be obese. I don’t want that for myself. I want a long, happy, healthy life with full experience.”

I’m grateful to have such wonderful connections that have the same values and principles as I have. It’s been a great honour to meet them and I do hope that this will continue for a long time. Living a healthy and happy life is not only about eating good food and working out. It’s how you value your life in such a way that we don’t take anything for granted, especially ourselves and the environment. Balance. As some of our experts also said. We should also learn how to balance everything. No more, no less. For me, having a well-balanced lifestyle is what living a healthy and happy life means. Let’s push ourselves for the coming year. It’s another year of great opportunities for us to balance everything. Another opportunity to live a healthy and happy life. 🍀