Why support local businesses? This question has been echoed on the Giving Local Instagram account, and it’s worth reiterating. According to ourstatebudget.wa.gov.au, Western Australia’s domestic economy grew by 4.3% in 2020-2021, the strongest growth among all states for two consecutive years, positioning WA as one of the top-performing economies globally. This statistic underscores the profound impact local businesses have on our economy, emphasising the importance of supporting businesses within our community.

Boosts Local Economy

Local businesses often rely on locally sourced materials or ingredients, which in turn supports local farmers and producers. When you patronise local businesses, your spending circulates within the community, bolstering the economy. Consider this example: Many restaurants and cafés procure supplies from local producers, such as organically grown microgreens, fostering a symbiotic relationship within the community. By supporting local businesses, we stimulate demand, prompting increased supply, thus fuelling economic growth.


Builds Community Camaraderie

Supporting local businesses cultivates relationships and fosters camaraderie. These businesses provide job opportunities for locals, ensuring a high standard of service. By nurturing these connections, we create a support system essential for building a resilient and thriving community. Farmers’ markets, like the Farmers’ Market on Manning in Western Australia, serve as hubs where locals converge to support local producers and forge meaningful connections.


More Potential in Becoming Eco-Friendly

While our backgrounds may differ, our shared vision is to create a better planet. Supporting local businesses aligns with this vision by influencing environmentally conscious production practices. Residents who care for their community are more inclined to support eco-friendly initiatives. As a local farmer myself, I’m committed to sustainable practices, from cultivation to packaging, and I’m not alone. Many local businesses are dedicated to minimising their environmental footprint, contributing to a healthier planet.

Supporting local businesses transcends mere economic benefits; it enriches our community, fosters relationships, and promotes environmental stewardship. Every dollar spent locally reverberates throughout the community, impacting us all. We, the people, are the driving force behind the vitality of our local businesses and, by extension, our communities and environment.