Let’s be honest, not all people love eating fruits and vegetables. Who doesn’t love eating carrots, broccoli or even apples, right? But for sure, there are some. Somewhere in a place where vegetables and fruits may seem to be a kind of luxury or maybe some kind of the least favourite ingredients in the household, these wonderful products of the planet Earth are oftentimes either neglected or devoured by people. And most often than not, these crops are widely used in salads. With that being said, do you not make friends with salads or do you?

You see, my number one source of protein is meat. Don’t get me wrong. I love my vegetables. I love my microgreens! But more often than not, I’d rather eat meat as I found out that my body is better on a higher meat diet. Each to his own, I guess. But, from a wider perspective or in a general sense, vegetables and fruits are essential to the human body. They are a great source of nutrients that our body needs. And one way to incorporate them into our body is by eating salads. There are a lot of salad varieties that are available for people to consume either prepacked or homemade. Each country has its version of salads. We got the famous Caesar salad which originated in Tijuana, Mexico (yes, it’s not from Italy – I know what you’re thinking, I thought of it too). The Greek salad from Greece (as the name suggests). Som Tam which is known as green papaya salad is from Thailand. Coleslaw from the Dutch and Caprese salad from Italy. And a whole lot more!

Knowing that they are healthy and nutritious, a lot of people especially those who are living a healthy lifestyle do their best to include salads in their daily, weekly or monthly meal recipes. It’s easy to make friends with salads because of the many options you can choose from. It can either be savoury or sweet, a whole meal or just a side; vegan or not; can be good for lactose intolerant; or even for those that have food allergies. It is because you can easily create one according to your liking or your needs.

So how would one not want to make friends with salads? Although they are considered to be healthy, nutritious and even delicious? Just like me, my body requires a different diet. I do eat vegetables and fruits. But there are cases in that people would prefer to eat other types of food for their daily vegetable intake. Instead of salads, they would rather have frittata, have them on toast, vegetable stews, sandwiches, etc. Some people might not have their hunger fully satisfied by just eating salads. In other places, the lack of access to different vegetables may also be a great factor. The lack of access to fresh vegetables and fruits is also a deal-breaker. Some may find salads to be intimidating as well because of the different varieties to choose from. The dressings vary from one to another.

Nonetheless, whether a person would like to make friends with salads or not, salads are a great option to eat vegetables and fruits. It’s not only easy to make but it’s also versatile. As long as a person maintains a balanced diet and a balanced healthy lifestyle, regardless if that person is friends with salads or not, what matters is to have a healthy body and mind. What matters is how a person takes care of his or her body and can meet its daily needs to perform well.

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